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Applied Digital Technology

Cloud Computing & Cybersecurity

Master of Science (M.S.)

College: Neil Griffin College of Business

Department: Information Technology & Business Analytics

The Digital society of today has a strong demand for quality personnel in the Cybersecurity field. Many areas of the digital age are growing and developing.

The MS in Applied Digital Technology with an emphasis in Cloud and Computer Security builds the necessary fundamentals and strategies to protect and safeguard data. The MS in Applied Digital Technology degree offers prospective students new opportunities for developing skills and competencies in innovative areas of technology.

The program focuses on Cyber Risk Management, Internet Security, Secure Software Design and Network/Data security. A foundation for success can attained with a strong understanding of these topics and the intertwined reliance knowledge of each. Learn the principles of cloud and computer security for business and creative industries. Apply basic skills and technologies through thesis projects which combine theory and technical skill in regard to data, network and internet security risk management.

Graduates of this program will be well-positioned to enter growing technology-based fields and work in various industries. The Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics projects robust salary growth in related careers.