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Early Childhood Services

Master of Science (M.S.)

College: College of Education & Behavioral Science | School of Teacher Education and Leadership

Department: School of Teacher Education and Leadership


The Master of Science in Early Childhood Services degree is a professional degree designed for individuals employed by agencies other than public schools that provide services directly or indirectly for young children. The individuals who work in these roles neither need nor desire licensure for public school teaching; therefore, there is no licensure requirement for entry into this program. The Master of Science in Early Childhood Services program will not lead to licensure to teach in a public school on any level.

Admission Process

Unconditional Admission

The following criteria are required:

  • the candidate must hold a bachelor's degree in early childhood education or an allied field of study (i.e., social work, home economics, nursing, psychology, or child development);
  • the candidate must have completed course equivalents for at least 12 hours of the undergraduate Early Childhood Education core, to be assessed by the Early Childhood Education Graduate Committee; and
  • the candidate must document a minimum of one year of work experience in a program serving young children.

Conditional Admission

Candidates who do not meet the program admission requirements will be required to complete undergraduate coursework to meet identified deficiencies. Prior coursework will be evaluated on an individual basis to determine if any deficiencies exist in foundation courses. Applicants who do not meet the work experience requirement prior to or during the course of the Master of Science in Early Childhood Services degree program must complete an additional six hours of early childhood education practicum as a graduation requirement. (These six hours will be required in addition to the 30-hour program requirement.)


Curriculum and degree requirements can be found in the most current Graduate Bulletin.

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