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Academic News 2019


Kennon and Carroll Lead High Altitude Balloon Launch

Dr. James Kennon

Dr. Tillman Kennon, professor of science education, associate chair, and research director for Arkansas BalloonSat (ABS) and Dr. Ross Carroll, led the team which launched a successful flight, the 55th in a series, Friday. The balloon carried research instruments to a new ABS altitude record, 105,804 feet (20.04 miles). Two instruments recorded a low temperature of -70.4F at 50,000 feet. The onboard cameras captured images and video, which the ABS team has posted online.

Risch Becomes Vice Provost for Research

Dr. Tom Risch

Congratulations to Dr. Tom Risch, who received permanent appointment as vice provost for research and technology transfer and executive director of Arkansas Biosciences Institute at A-State. He has been serving in an interim capacity in both positions. Risch, who completed his Ph.D. at Auburn, came to A-State in 2001, and previously has filled various other program and departmental leadership roles. Details are online.


Sikkel is Co-Author of Parasite Research

Dr. Paul Sikkel

Dr. Paul Sikkel, associate professor of aquatic biology, is one of the co-authors of an article recently published in Parasitology Research. The authors reported on their study of gnathiid isopods, common external parasites that feed on the blood of marine fishes, collected in the Philippines. They documented the first observation of gnathiids feeding on the blood meal of other gnathiids. The article abstract is online.


Water Conservation Research on Create@State Podcast

Emma Martin (left), Dr. Jennifer Bouldin (middle), Amber Spence (right)

Join Dr. Bouldin and graduate students Emma Martin and Amber Spence as they discuss their research on the Create@State Podcast.

Greenhouse tents to be built for rice study

Dr. Argelia Lorence

Dr. Lorence was interviewed by KAIT8, about the WRCHR project and the greenhouse rice tents being built in Harrisburg.

McKay and Team Conduct Grain Storage Research

Dr. Virginie Rolland and Dr. Tanja McKay

Dr. Tanja McKay, professor of entomology, is co-author of an article published in Journal of Stored Products Research, "Assessment of Rhyzopertha dominica (F.) progeny and feeding damage on rice dried with infrared radiation." First author is Rachel Hampton, who worked in McKay's lab and completed a master's degree. Dr. Virginie Rolland, associate professor of quantitative wildlife ecology, is a co-author, along with associates at the University of Arkansas.


Lorence Part of the Summit that Defined the Next Decadal Vision for Plant Science in the USA

Dr. Argelia Lorence

Argelia Lorence (Chemistry and Physics and ABI), James and Wanda Lee Vaughn Endowed Professor who serves as President Elect of the Phytochemical Society of North America was selected to participate at the Plant Summit 2019. This four day retreat took place February 10-13 at the Biosphere 2 in Oracle, AZ. At the Summit 52 scientists including Lorence discussed the vision for US plant science research for the next decade. Lorence is part of the team that is writing a 10-page report that summarizes the main outcomes of the Summit. That report will be widely disseminated to all professional societies that are related to plant science and their members later this year.

Izadyar Recognized by Journal Publisher

Dr. Anahita Izadyar

Congratulations to Dr. Anahita Izadyar, associate professor of chemistry, who has been recognized by the publishing company Elsevier for her professional reviews she contributed to its publications. She received outstanding reviewer certification from three journals published by Elsevier, Electrochimica Acta, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry and Bioelectrochemistry. Izadyar joined A-State's chemistry faculty in 2012 after serving as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Pittsburgh.

Sikkel is Co-Author for Study of Reef Fishes

Dr. Paul Sikkel

Dr. Paul Sikkel, associate professor of aquatic biology, is a co-author of an article published by Oecologia in its highlighted student research paper section. One of his former students at A-State, Joseph Sellers, is lead author of the study into the levels of infestation by gnathiid isopods and resulting mortality rates among the juveniles of three species of reef fishes. Findings suggest that gnathiids can significantly impact coral reef fish survival.

Atlantic Quotes Rolland on U.S. Climate Change

Dr. Virginie Rolland

Dr. Virginie Rolland, associate professor of quantitative wildlife ecology, was interviewed by The Atlantic for an article about a study on climate change and city climate pairings, now and in 2080. She referred to her own research on eastern bluebirds, whose migration patterns are already adjusting due to environmental changes. In 60 years, New York City's climate is predicted to be like Jonesboro's is now. The article on climate twins is online.

"What Are Facts?"

Dr. Martin Huss (left) and Dr. Ferebee Tunno (right)

Dr. Ferebee Tunno (right), associate professor of statistics, and Dr. Martin Huss, associate professor of botany, will make a joint presentation Monday, Feb. 11, at 3 p.m. in the White River Room, Reng Student Union. Their topic "What Are Facts?" will be an in-depth discussion of how mathematical reasoning and the scientific method help us better understand the natural and physical worlds. The session is open to everyone.

Nonlinear springs with dynamic frictionless contact

Dr. Jeongho Ahn

Dr. Jeongho Ahn and Jay Mayfield published an article on the mathematical approaches to dynamic frictionless contact of nonlinear viscoelastic springs in the Springer NoDEA Journal. Mr. Mayfield is a CoSM alumni and is pursuing a PhD at Iowa State. (Abstract)