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Associate Chair, Department of Chemistry & Physics

Professor of Science Education


  • Ed.D. Science Education, University of Memphis
  • M.S.E. Biology, Arkansas State University
  • B.S.E. Biology, Arkansas State University
  • B.S. Zoology, Arkansas State University

Research Interests

Dr. Kennon's research involves both science education and atmospheric studies through the Arkansas BalloonSAT program of which he is the Education Research Director. Funding for this research is provided from NASA through the Arkansas Space Grant Consortium. He is currently working with Dr. Adam Huang from the University of Arkansas' Arkansas Center for Space and Planetary Sciences to develop and test CubeSAT's that hopefully orbit the Earth in future. His article Students at the Edge of Space published in National Science Teachers Association journal The Science Teacher (January 2008). A photograph taken from a camera mounted in one of the payload boxes flown on Arkansas BalloonSAT 6 (ABS-06) was selected for the cover.

James Kennon

Contact Information

P: 870-972-3256
F: 870-972-3089


Building: Lab Science East
Room: 312

Alternative Contact

Alaina Watt
P: 870-972-3086