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String Scholarships

In 1996 a scholarship program was established to assist string students in the orchestra. The program is funded by donations to the Aileen Matthews String Scholarship Fund. Scholarship money is available to both music majors and students majoring in other fields. Students are eligible by audition and must participate in orchestra as well as enroll in private lessons. Auditions should be scheduled prior to March 1. Auditions can be scheduled individually or can take place on an A-State Music Audition Day.  Visit our Audition Day website for more information by clicking here.

Interested students should contact Dr. Chi Young Song at csong@astate.edu.

Institutional Scholarships

A-State offers a wide range of institutional scholarships to incoming high school students.  Awards of up to $14,000 annually are given to students based on their ACT or SAT scores and their high school GPA.  Visit the A-State Financial Aid and Scholarship page for more information.  For an overview of all available institutional scholarships click here

Students must have been accepted to A-State and completed their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) by December 1 for priority consideration.