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The A-State Opera Theatre allows each student to thrive in a nurturing environment with individualized attention to every student.  Each year, the Opera Theatre offers a fully staged and costumed opera. The fall semester provides an opera scenes performance opportunity where students perform in a variety of operatic scenes, and the spring semester offers a full opera production. These semesters may alternate certain years.

The opera curriculum develops the fundamental tools to create a dynamic stage performance through the development of characterization, movement, and stage presence. Students become familiar with the basic techniques of acting in order to present action and movement sincerely and with inner justification.  Viewpoints and Theatrical Composition are the main pull of the exploration, as well as Uta Hagen acting exercises to explore a song or aria in the individual student’s repertoire.

Auditions are held the first week of classes in August for the Fall semester and the first week of classes in January for the Spring semester.