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What is a BFA Review?

BFA review is viewed as a counseling/advising practice for all art students, and, in addition, it is an admissions screening procedure for students interested in pursuing the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art.

What about transfer students?

Transfer review provides an opportunity for students joining us from other programs to acquire a realistic assessment of their status in relation to our program. Ideally, the transfer review should occur prior to enrollment in A-State Art Department courses.

How do i complete a BFA Review?

  • During the semester in which you are completing 30-45 hours of credit, print an unofficial transcript.
  • Complete the Sophomore Review form (available in the Art Department office). Return it with the transcript to the Art Department office prior to the scheduled review dates.
  • Each semester, one Friday will be designated for the Sophomore Review to take place. Appointments are spaced at intervals of 15 minutes during the day. The Art Department office will give you an appointment time.
  • Bring your portfolio to the designated BFA Review site. If you have a special installation problem for a specific work, please document that item in the form of one or more color photographs, and submit the photographs. If you have large items to review, either submit photographs, or have one or more helpers to assist you in getting your work into and out of the room quickly.

Build your portfolio!

  • Your “portfolio” is your work. It does not have to be in a folding portfolio, although you might choose that method of packaging your work. Your portfolio should consist of a minimum of ten studio works which you consider to be your best representative pieces. The maximum number of works is twenty. Each piece will be placed on a table or against the wall for inspection.
  • Your portfolio should include at least one work from each of the following Art Major Core studio courses: Design I, Design II, Drawing I, Drawing II.
  • If you have also received credit in any other studio courses (numbered 2000 or higher) your portfolio must include at least one work from each.
  • In addition to your portfolio consisting of 10 to 20 studio works, you should submit at least one written paper or written test from each Art History course taken. The grade should be legible on the paper. If possible, ask your Art History instructor to sign the page where the grade is marked.
  • Presentation should be considered to be a part of your portfolio. Mats or frames are not required, but may be used to present a work as you would like it to be seen. Take care to make your portfolio represent your taste and knowledge.
  • Do not ask your instructor to choose specific works for your portfolio. The portfolio should represent you, not your instructor. If you have questions about the Review, please consult with your instructor, advisor, or the chair of the department.