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Doctorate of Nursing Practice(D.N.P.)

College: College of Nursing and Health Professions | Graduate School

Department: Nursing


The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program is an online program that includes an on-campus emersion experience prior to the start of each semester. The DNP Program is offered as a post-master’s Nursing degree. Applicants are required to have a current Advanced Practice Nursing license (Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nurse Anesthetist). The practice-focused doctoral program prepares nursing leaders for the highest level of clinical nursing practice beyond the initial and master’s preparation in the discipline.

Deadline:  December 1st for Spring Term

Who can apply?

The post-master’s Doctor of Nursing Practice program requires full-time study and completion of the degree in the area of prior Advanced Nursing Practice preparation, i.e. Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Anesthetist, and Clinical Nurse Specialist.  Students must be Board certified in Advanced Nursing Practice with licensure as an APN or APRN in the state of practice. 

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum of 41 credit hours is completed in a program of study of 2.5 years in length. These 41 credit hours include 11 courses, with 3 of those courses identified as clinical internship courses.  The total clinical clock hours required for those 3 clinical internship courses (12 credit hours) totals 540 clock hours, represented by a 1 credit to 45 clock hour ratio. 

Clinical Hours

Students admitted with master’s preparation and APN/APRN licensure have completed a minimum of 500 clinical hours at the graduate level.  These clinical hours will be credited and counted with the 540 clinical clock hours of the post masters DNP program to meet the 1000 clinical clock hours required of a Doctor of Nursing Practice.


Curriculum and degree requirements can be found in the most current Graduate Bulletin.

Visit the bulletins page >>

  • Admission Requirements


    All applicants must first apply online to the ASTATE Online.  Click here to access ASTATE Online

    Program Admission

    The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program is offered as a post-master’s Nursing degree.

    Applicants are required to have:

    1. Master's Degree

    A Master’s degree in nursing from a CCNE, COA, or NLNAC accredited program.

    2. 3.0 GPA

    A minimum graduate cumulative GPA of 3.0 (4.0 scale).

    3. Licensure

    A current unencumbered APN license in the USA with national specialty certification as appropriate.

    4. Statistics

    Successfully completed a graduate-level statistics or biostatistics course with a grade of “B” or above.

    5. Curriculum Vitae

    Submit curriculum vitae/have at least one (1) year experience (2000 hours) as an APN prior to application to the DNP program verified by employer.

    6. Essay

    An essay of no more than 450 words, to discuss your DNP career goals.

    7. Work References

    Three work reference forms completed: one by an individual who has direct supervision over you and two professional colleagues who can provide a valid evaluation of your performance based on the behaviors identified in the reference form.   Click here for Reference Form.

    8. Background Check

    Satisfactory criminal background check through the School of Nursing.

    9. English Proficiency

    For primary language other than English TOEFL score of 83 on the preferred internet-based test, (IBT), 570 on the paper-based test, or 213 on the computer-based test.

    Note on Transfer Work

    Applicants can transfer no more than 6 credit hours toward degree requirements. Transfer work is evaluated on an individual basis.

  • How to Apply

    Applying to the DNP Program

    ASTATE ONLINE Application

    All applicants are required to first apply to Arkansas State University through ASTATE Admission.  On the ASTATE Admission page, select the application type from the drop down menu that reads A-State Online Doctoral. All applicants for the DNP program are required to pay an admission fee of $50.00.  You will need to create a login.  A prospective student's application will not be processed until the ASTATE Admissions  to Graduate School,  DNP Program application and supporting materials have been received.

    DNP Application

    The DNP online application may be completed on this website. Be sure to completely fill out the application.


    The deadline for application is December 1st of the year prior to starting in the Spring semester. Incomplete files will not be considered for admission; verification of the completeness of the file is the student applicant’s responsibility. As noted in the Graduate Information Guide, College of Nursing and Health Professions, admission decisions are non-grievable.

    Supporting Documentation

    In addition to the application, the following documentation must be submitted to the School of Nursing. Evidence of the following is required before registering for clinical practicums.

    • Copy of License (RN, APN/APRN)
    • Copy of Advanced Practice Certification (NP,CNS, NA)
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • 3 Work References in Envelope with Signature on the Seal or Emailed Directly to Dr. Mark Foster at smfoster@astate.edu
    • Copy of Current CPR (American Heart Association for Professionals) valid through the academic year
    • Copy of TB skin tests valid through the academic year
    • Evidence of Hepatitis B immunization or signed declination statement
    • Copy of professional liability insurance
    • Copy of valid health insurance
    • Copy of TOEFL score if applicable
    Mailing Address

    Supporting documents listed above should be mailed to:

    College of Nursing and Health Professions
    ATTN: Dr. Mark Foster
    PO Box 910
    State University, AR 72467 

    Selection Process Information

    Admission to the DNP program is competitive. In addition to ranking based on MSN cumulative GPA and references, the applicant’s background and documentation of professional experience are present in the resume/vitae and will be considered in the application review process.

    Applicant Interviews

    Applicants will interview with a potential advisor and DNP admissions and progressions committee. Interviews of applicants will be considered in the selection process.  

  • Careers

    Transforming Health Care Delivery

    The DNP curricula builds on traditional master’s programs with education in evidenced based practice, advanced clinical, organizational, economic, and leadership skills to design and implement programs of care delivery which significantly impact health care outcomes and have the potential to transform health care delivery.

    Graduates with this terminal practice degree will be prepared for roles in direct care or indirect, systems-focused care.