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Degree Completion Options

Students wishing to live on-campus or take some face-to-face classes (may choose all classes online) will be considered a traditional Arkansas State University Jonesboro student. This means tuition will be based on state/country of residency and all fees will be assessed.

Students not living on or near the university and who wish to complete the course of study completely online will be considered an online student in Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Management and may opt for the online tuition and fees. Tuition for this option is not based on state/country of residency and the fees are limited to library and technology. 

All DPEM majors will be asked to sign a form indicating which degree completion option they have chosen. Once the option is selected all tuition and fees will be based on that option. Students will not be able to change or mix and match courses within the two options. 

Tuition information

Please use this link to calculate Undergraduate tuition costs. http://www.astate.edu/info/costs/undergraduate/

Please use this link to calculate Graduate tuition costs.                           http://www.astate.edu/info/costs/graduate/

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A Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management degree is an interdisciplinary program that prepares professionals to effectively meet the demands of disaster preparedness, mitigation, planning, response and recovery.

Offered Degrees
Bachelor of Science
Master of Science

Homeland Security and Disaster Preparedness

This multidisciplinary minor will integrate principles of early recognition and treatment, mitigation, cultural and spiritual influences, issues related to law enforcement, media and mental health aspects of biological, chemical, radiological and nuclear terrorism, as well as natural disasters.

Offered Degrees


Prepares students for entry-level practice as an Emergency Medical Technician - Basic or Paramedic. Didactic content, required skills laboratory as well as hospital clinical and pre-hospital field experience provide the environment for students to demonstrate critical thinking in the application of fundamental knowledge of emergency pharmacology, patient assessment, airway management, shock and resuscitation, medical emergencies, trauma, special populations and Emergency Medical Services operations.

Offered Degrees
Certificate of Proficiency in EMT
AAS in Paramedic

Program Goals and Objectives
A-State EMS Program Goals and Objectives

CoAEMSP Outcomes