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Neil Griffin College of Business

The INDUSTRY-CENTRIC approach with ROBUST PARTNERSHIPS and INTEGRATED LEARNING through a MULTIDISCIPLINARY CURRICULUM are the two common threads that will run throughout the business education offered in the Neil Griffin College of Business at Arkansas State University.

We, at The Griffin College of Business, will continually strive to provide a transformative education that prepares tomorrow’s leaders and decision makers.

Students in the Sales Center

To do so, all degree programs will be INDUSTRY-CENTRIC in that industry leaders will be engaged in discussions involving current trends in business and how they can be addressed in the college curriculum. In addition, collaborations will be sought to provide students with a wide range of hands-on experiential learning.

The Griffin College of Business curriculum will also emphasize a “personalized” educational experience that allows students to combine their “academic strengths” with their “career goals” and “personal interests” through a set of carefully designed market-driven MULTIDISCIPLINARY DEGREE PROGRAMS. In addition, professors will include career preparation in their courses so that graduates remain competitive and ready for the marketplace.