Welcome to Arkansas State University!

The following are some frequently asked questions about our internship program at the College of Business.  For more information, contact Dr. Gail Hudson at 870-972-3430.

While not an exhaustive list, following are some of the most important things you should know/do as you are thinking about doing an internship. If you have any questions after reading these and the FAQs on this site, please contact Dr. Gail Hudson at ghud@astate.edu.

1. Students must have at least nine upper-level hours in their major before doing an internship. These hours are over and above the courses in the College of Business Core.

2. Students must submit an application form, the Intern Agreement form, and the other required information to me before beginning the internship. These forms are available in my office (419A) or on the CoB Internship site.

3. The College of Business does NOT give retroactive credit for an internship completed without working with Dr. Hudson. Be sure to turn in all of the required paperwork before doing the internship. It’s fine if you begin your internship before the semester begins; as long as you are in communication with Dr. Hudson.

4. Internship credit cannot be guaranteed unless Dr. Hudson has approved the site and internship. Please talk with Dr. Hudson before you interview with an organization. If you are a graduate student, Dr. Hill must approve your internship before you interview with the company.

5. Approved College of Business interns can receive three hours of upper-level (or graduate) CoB credit for their approved internship! The interns work at least 120 clock hours on their internship. These hours will be set at times that are convenient for the student and the internship site although most interns work between 8-10 hours a week on their internship. It’s not uncommon for interns to keep their part-time jobs while they do an internship.

6. Student will provide their own transportation to their internships.

7. Students cannot receive internship credit for a job they are already doing. It is sometimes possible, though, to do an internship at the same place you work. For example, the student who works as a teller at a bank could do an internship in the bank’s marketing or CIT department.

8. While on their internships, interns are expected to follow company rules, dress appropriately, be professional and ethical, and be good representatives of the College of Business.

9. Interns are expected to fully participate in their internship experience! Your internship is not the time to study for a test, use Facebook, text/call/email your friends, etc.

10. CoB Interns must follow the syllabus for the semester they are doing their internships.

Please contact Dr. Hudson if you have any questions about the policies and guidelines of the College of Business internship program.