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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can live with me?
Children who you have legal guardianship over and your spouse can live with you in the Village. Documentation must be provided.

2. Can I use financial aid or scholarships to pay my rent?
Financial Aid is first applied toward tuition and fees. Any excess funds may be applied toward housing.

3. Can I pay my rent monthly?
The village has three billing terms- fall, spring, and summer. The rent is billed to the students account at the beginning of each term. Rent is due when it is posted to your account. A payment plan may be established at the discretion of Student Account Services.

4. Can I have a pet?
Fish in a 10-gallon tank or less are allowed in the apartments. Cats and certain breeds of dogs are permitted in the houses pending approval from the Department of Residence Life with a $200 pet deposit, pet application, and documentation.

5. Can I receive mail at my residence?
Tenants will have a physical address, but Village residences do not receive mail from the United States Postal Service. However, tenants may rent a P.O. Box from the post office located in the Reng Student Union.

6. Are the apartments and houses furnished?
The apartments and houses are not furnished. They feature a refrigerator, range, and oven. Students will need to provide their own furniture. Microwaves are not included. One window air-conditioner is permitted on the living room window.

7. Do I need to pay another pre-payment if I am transferring from another housing area on campus?

8. When will I receive an assignment?
Students are placed on a waiting list when the village office receives the student's application and the student has paid the $100 housing deposit. Students are contacted when a vacancy occurs.

9. Can I apply before I am eligible?
Yes, students can apply and be placed on the waiting list before they are eligible. Examples include: engagement, pregnancy, and pending acceptance to a graduate program. Documentation verifying eligibility must be provided before an applicant can take residency in the Village.

10. How do I apply?
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