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COVID-19 Protocols

University Housing - Spring 2021

General Guidelines

  • All students are asked to report coronavirus symptoms, exposure or testing. The COVID-19 Self Reporting Form provides detailed information about who should complete the form and next steps for reporting.
  • Mask Policy: All students are required to wear a face covering when entering and exiting facilities and in common spaces when social distancing is not an option.  This includes residence halls.
  • Daily Student Screening: Student residents are asked to complete a self-screening each morning before leaving the residence hall.  The screening may be found in My Campus.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to practice the following health precautions daily: frequently wash hands, practice social distancing, and wear mask.
  • Visitor Policy for Spring 2021: Residential Community Visitation is permitted based on the Student Handbook policy.  Visitors are limited to university students or immediate family members.  No overnight guests are permitted during the 2020-2021 academic year.  This is a supplement to the visitation policy found on page 48 of the Student Handbook found here: http://www.astate.edu/a/student-conduct/student-standards/handbook-home.dot
    • High risk students may contact Access and Accommodation for assistance throughout the semester.

     Quarantine and Isolation Procedure

    • It is important that all campus residents are aware and understand the resident isolation and self-quarantine plan. The university has collaborated with NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine on a contact tracing protocol for our campus to limit the amount of time between a positive test and efforts to contact people who may have been exposed. We have established isolation and quarantine protocols for those who are affected by COVID-19.
    • Students who test positive for COVID-19 will be required to isolate at The Village apartments or other available on-campus residence (or return home) for a time period established by a physician. Students identified through the contact tracing assessment as having been in direct contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus will be required to quarantine, most likely in their current residence, for a time period established by a physician. “Direct contact” means sustained interaction with an infected person that is less than six feet apart, not wearing a face covering, and for longer than 15 minutes. Residents in isolation or quarantine will continue their coursework online and will receive meal deliveries in their rooms. We are encouraging residents to bring items during move-in that may assist if isolation or quarantine is needed (e.g., a microwave, mini fridge, kitchen utensils and supplies, disinfectant and cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items and preferred electronics). Students who are in isolation or quarantine will not be allowed to leave their room if they remain on campus. Quarantined and isolated students who leave their room are subject to a referral to student conduct.