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There are three categories of rates. These categories are not based on event type, but rather on event sponsor. The three categories and their definitions are as follows:


A program qualifies as a university department event when an ASU-Jonesboro department or the University Foundation reserves the space, the department is actively involved in the planning of the event, and the program is charged to a university account. Facility charges will be in effect whenever participant fees are assessed.


The Student Union is pleased to offer its facilities and event planning services to all ASU-Jonesboro registered student organizations. A student group can become recognized as a registered student organization once it has completed all the necessary requirements by the Leadership Center. A program qualifies as a student organization event when a member of that organization reserves the space and the group is actively involved in the planning of the event. The Student Union facilities are available to all university registered student organizations at no charge when those events are free to the university and community. Facility charges will be in effect whenever participant fees are assessed.


Programs, conferences, or other events that are utilizing the Student Union facilities, not hosted by other university departments or student organizations, are considered non-university sponsored events.

Rates include required set-ups, university supervision, and normal cleaning. Depending on your needs and the nature of your event, there may be additional charges, including fees for special equipment, security, set-up labor, operating beyond normal building hours, and other than normal clean up to restore facilities to pre-event condition.

Student Union

Effective August 11, 2009

Price includes audio/visual equipment and staff, but is subject to availability.

Sponsored events of outside organizations by A-State departments will be charged the general public fee unless they are for faculty staff in-service or for students.