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Suspension Re-Entry Program

If a student is found responsible for violating a policy that is considered to be especially serious or has been found responsible in an excessive amount of conduct related incidents, then the student may be suspended. Typically, a student will be suspended for a designated amount of time, usually one full year. Upon completion of the suspension period, the student is able to be readmitted to the university and continue their studies. The Suspension Re-Entry Program is a streamlined process to help a student who has been previously suspended for conduct related incidents to re-enroll as a student and remain successful through the completion of their degree. 

Do I Qualify?

A student qualifies to apply to participate in the Suspension Re-Entry Program if they meet the following:

  • Student has completed the suspension period assigned by the Office of Student Conduct.
  • Student has completed all other assigned sanctions associated with the conduct related incident that led to the suspension.
  • Student has completed the Suspension Re-Entry Form.

A student must complete the Suspension Re-Entry Form before they can be considered for participation in the program.

Goals of the Program

The goal of the program is to encourage both academic and conduct related success for a previously suspended student. The student will remain involved in the program until graduation. 

Overall the program will seek to achieve the following:

  • Provide staff support to students.
  • Provide resources to students.
  • Provide opportunities for engagement to students.
  • Track retention and completion of degree by students.