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Xerox Services

During the 2015 calendar school year, the Chancellor’s Cost Containment Task Force set out to investigate possible cost savings and efficiencies that might come from pursing a managed print solution where instead of every individual person or department procuring their own print/copy device that our campus might benefit from a single vendor that would manage this at a lower overall cost.

Over several semesters, the Office of Procurement working with ITS reviewed and analyzed various vendors that provide managed print services and also compared similar university campuses that have implemented such services. Based on findings, the Xerox Corporation was selected as the vendor of choice.  

Findings at A-State – Summer 2015

  • Current total printers/copiers/fax machines on campus = 1665
  • Current person to printer ratio = .88 to 1 , or 1 person to 1 printer (used FY15 Factbook 1465 FT employees)
  • Current unique device manufacturers = 21 with 621 unique models

As a result of these findings and after conducting due diligence including reviewing several vendor offerings, Arkansas State University partnered with Xerox Services to deliver best in class services and technology to optimize our printing, copying, scanning and faxing needs.  Beginning in the Spring of 2016 work started with Xerox to develop a custom solution for A-State.  Members of our Procurement Office and IT Services Department worked with administrative users, faculty and staff to hear their needs and concerns so that all could be taken into consideration through this process. Meetings consisted of presentations to the Faculty Senate, the Staff Senate, the SGOC Academic Finance Committee, Deans Council, Student Affairs Management Team and the Executive Council. These along with various individual departmental meetings occurred over the course of several months.

Best Practice Recommendations from Xerox

  • Reduce the number of different printer manufacturers and printer models for ease of support and maintenance – move from 21 manufacturers and 621 printer models to no more than 3 manufacturers and no more than 9 unique printer models.
  • The goal is to go from a 1 person to 1 printer ratio, down to a ratio of 6 people to 1 printer.
  • Overall reduce the total number of printers from 1665 down to less than 400
  • More information can be found within the MyCampus portal under the Xerox Services icon link.

Key Advantages to A-State

  • Colleges, departments and offices won’t need to worry about replacement printers or toner orders in the future.  Toner will be automatically managed and units only concerned with ordering paper for their offices.
  • Xerox will provide an onsite full-time printer technician that can assist with any printer issues. The on-campus technician will be available as a help desk and support includes having replacement devices ready in the event of repairs.
  • Reducing our overall carbon footprint through more energy efficient printers thus contributing to our conservation of resources and finances is another advantage.
  • Increased capability with centralized printer/copier/scanner locations within areas for better sharing among users.  Secure print, scan to email, two-sided printing and faxing are some of the additional features.  Many users can now have color printing available and faster printing devices.
  • Printer costs will no longer be random, there will be a base monthly cost per printer plus a per page cost for B/W and for color pages printed.
  • Cost savings across the entire university will be reflected back to the individual campus units as they centralize their document printing.
  • More information can be found within the MyCampus portal under the Xerox Services icon link.

The Process

  • In Summer of 2015 Xerox spent 2 1/2 months on our campus visiting every office in 49 buildings to locate over 1600 printers in use. Some were LAN connected printers and others were desktop personal printers. 198 unused/unconnected printers were found in closets, desks, and conference rooms and are considered as not in scope for this project.
  • Xerox has over 510 Managed Print Services (MPS) customers and they state that we have a great opportunity in employee to printer ratios based on their historical comparative assessments. We are currently .88 employees to each printer, translated to 1 employee to each printer. This includes all faculty, staff, and full time employees on campus. They recommend a 6 employee to 1 printer ratio.
  • Our average walking distance to retrieve a printed document is less than 5 feet.   They recommend networked printers be spaced out with a walking distance of 25 to 50 feet.
  • Xerox realizes that there are areas that need privacy and specialized printing and they recommend that those areas continue to keep what is needed.   Areas such as HR, Registrar's Office, Financial Aid, Creative Services, the Print Shop and other areas that print PII, PHI, or special print jobs could continue as is and/or could implement a print release station where the person releases the print job once they get to the printer so as to protect confidential information.  Other specialty print/copy needs can be identified and can keep their existing print/copy devices.
  • Xerox will supply all toner and all printer repair and kits, in essence maintaining all print management.   Departments would only need to worry about ordering paper supply.  
  • Each department would pay a monthly base cost for the Xerox printer they choose and would also pay for actual printed pages per month with no other costs associated to printing other than paper supply.
  • The overall opportunity as the potential to result in a $1 million cost reduction over a 5 year period if we follow their 6 employees to 1 printer recommended ratio.  
  • If we reach a higher ratio, then the cost reduction would be better. If we reach a lower ratio, then the cost reduction would be lower.
  • A one-time buy out of any existing contracts that need to be canceled on leased printers/copiers will be coordinated.   Any costs for needed data drops or electrical outlets for locating a printer to its new location will be covered by this project.
  • Xerox manually plotted the actual location of every type of printer on campus on every floor blue print creating a “Current State” blue print.   A “Future State” blue print with recommendations was also created.   Both can be found within the MyCampus portal via the Xerox Services icon/link.
  • The recommendation was made for us to go from the existing 601 models within 21 manufacturers of printers to a standard 7-9 models and 2 manufacturers.   This will assist in easier maintenance and cost containment.
  • Final approval was received in March 2016, preparations and rollout began in the Spring of 2016 and will proceed until completed.
  • The Xerox team along with Procurement Services and ITS services met with each building Director, Dean, Program Manager etc. to customize the ratio or employees to printers and to finalize the best location to place each printer. This occurred April 20-21, 2016.
  • More information can be found within the MyCampus portal under the Xerox Services icon link.

More Details

 For more details on the approach, the analysis, and the cost savings calculations login to MyCampus and click on the Xerox Services icon