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Interviews with Regional Rockabillies

Hear what Rockabilly stars Sonny Burgess, Stan Perkins, and Brandon Cunning have to say about the origins and history of Rockabilly. Dr. Bill Keisker talks about the transistor audio board he designed for Joe Lee's Variety Recording Studio (home of Alley Records Label) in the early 1960s. This sound board will be in the Museum's Rockabilly Exhibition (projected 2018, pending funding).

These interviews were produced by Dr. Michael Bowman, Assistant Professor of Media and Communications, Arkansas State University, 2013.

Sonny Burgess and the Bug Dance

Sonny Burgess interviewed

Sonny Burgess talks about Rockabilly Artists playing in Europe

Sonny Burgess interviewed

Brandon Cunning on the origins of Rockabilly

Brandon Cunning Interview

Stan Perkins discusses record promotion in the early days of RockabillyStan Perkins--Promotion in the Early Days

Stan Perkins and European Rockabilly Fans

Stan Perkins and European Rockabilly Fans

Bill Keisker talks about the Mixing Board that

he built for Joe Lee and Alley Records

Bill Keisker