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ITTC offers a range of classes to help faculty grow, improve, and to make the best use of technology.

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The course Development Life Cycle (CDLC) is a process for quality course design and development, created by the ITTC. The CDLC provides a framework for quality course design by focusing on 8 pillars:

1) Explore and Understand Possibilities.
2) Course Planning
3) Unit Lesson and Design
4) Quality Review
5) Unit, Lesson and Material Preparation
6) Course Delivery
7) Assessment of Student Learning and,
8) Evaluation of instructor and course outcome.

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Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Learn is a course management application designed to enhance teaching and learning. The Blackboard course management e-learning system enables instructors to build and customize course offerings. In addition, students enrolled with Blackboard become engaged in an interactive learning environment.

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Flipped Classroom

Concepts and activities to enrich teaching in a dynamic and engaging way. This helps to find and apply research-based concepts that change traditional methods of teaching. In other words, learn how to “turn your traditional classroom on its head.

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SmarterMeasure Assessment

Taking or teaching an online course can be a challenge. ASU's Online Teaching and Learning Readiness Assessment can help you to gain an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses related to online learning.

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