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The goal of the Course Building Process is to build quality courses by using best practices through the methodology of the Course Development Life Cycle (CDLC). Best practices suggest that partnering the content expert with a course builder/designer allows the content expert to focus on developing quality course content, instead of focusing their time on the arrangement of materials, course layout and design within the learning management system. All members of the ITTC Faculty Center Course Building Team have certification in Blackboard Learn course design, development, and evaluation.

The Course Building Team can help:

  • Develop program-level templates
  • Redesign courses or learning modules
  • Work one-on-one with faculty to plan new or updated courses
  • Plan Organizations for program-level information
  • Evaluate courses using ITTC’s Quality Course Review Rubric

Contact us to find out more about how the Course Building Process and our Course Building Team can help you meet your goals.

Course Building