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Salif Boudie

Country: Mali

Major: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and International Business

Statement: I chose A-State because of its good reputation. I like the way A-State gives us the opportunity to manage our freedom to educate ourselves with a manageable schedule. A-State is a special school because how diverse the professors are. The professors are from everywhere around the world, which allows you to be more comfortable as an international student. Also, A-State is located in a small town called Jonesboro. Jonesboro is such a welcoming town. When you live home, you will feel home.

Ghanem Elhersh

Country: Jordan

Major: Master of Science in Mass Communications (Radio & TV)

Statement: I feel more comfortable in Jonesboro because of people more friendly and the city so pretty. On the other hand, I love the campus at ASU. It seems to have a more welcome atmosphere. Also, there are a lot of students from all over the world which is enabling to exchange of the different cultures through the various events every week. Besides, ASU encourages us to develop our skills to achieve the success we aspire to. I am very glad to be here.


Kieu Trang Nguyen

Country: Vietnam

Major: Master of Business Administration

Statement: One of the things I like about A-State is small classes. You will have more opportunities to ask questions, participate in discussion and get to know your professors and peers. Home to A-State, Jonesboro is considered as a college town but still gives you a feel of a big city. Cultural attractions are available throughout the city. If you love nature then this is a place where camping, fishing, hiking and boating are available. I have made many new friends and broaden my view as an individual through the ongoing events and activities at A-State such as job fairs, art and English classes, student clubs and social trips. The MBA program here gives me opportunities to gain connections, develop skills and grow my resume. I also appreciate the priority focus in the program on the development of lifelong learning as well as commitment to ethical behavior and social responsibility.


Haneen Aljedaani

Country: Saudi Arabia

Major: Master of Accountancy

Statement: Years ago, I came to this country because I wanted to fulfill my goal of earning a Master’s in Accounting. I knew it would be difficult. However, ASU, its professors and its curriculum has helped me to chase my passion of becoming academically and professionally achieved in the field of business. ASU would provide me with a strong advantage in the job market by bridging the gap between the academic and professional world of accounting. I want to show that I have met a rigorous standard and validate my competence in this field through certification.


You Zhou

Country: China

Major: Master of Business Administration

Statement: I like how Jonesboro is a town that can fulfill your needs of daily life but does not distract you from your study. At A-State, people are very friendly toward each other. Students are given lots of opportunities to work on-campus and participate in volunteer activities. My major is MBA. Our program has many caring professors and talented students, and I am inspired by them every day to achieve more and more


Yagiz Akkoc

Country: Turkey

Major: Bachelor of Science in Business Management

Statement: I like A-State because it has organizations and activities for every major. I had a lot of opportunities to involve in organizations on campus and improve my social skills. A-State helped me meet new people and make connections.


Jason Gattagalla

Country: India

Major: Master of Computer Science

Statement: The reason I chose ASU is believing I would get some quality education and flexibility in course work and great international exposure, social life which helps me grow academically and personally, no disappointment! I have got all those all here. Beautiful campus, Great library, plenty of opportunities to learn American Culture. Jonesboro is a peaceful place to live. Computer science has always been my passion. I believe, pursuing masters here would add so much to my profile.


Kaho Ukai

Country: Japan

Major: Bachelor of General Studies

Statement: I love A-State because my favorite people from all over the world are here. It is just so awesome to meet people who have different backgrounds and speak different languages. I just love A-State!


Sajani Thapa

Country: Nepal

Major: Master of Business Administration

Statement: The best thing I like about A-State is that students can get involved in various student organizations of their choice. There are over 150 student organizations which help students to customize their A-State experience. Getting involved in these organizations propel students toward future leadership. Moreover, I am totally satisfied with the friendliness of faculty and staffs who are more than willing to help each student succeed both on and off campus.


Eunmee Shin

Country: South Korea

Major: Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies

Statement: I chose this major because I know working with many people and meeting customer is very interesting. I’ve always wanted to work where I can meet various people and learn from them. To have more experience,
I decided to study Communication major here at Arkansas State University. People around me, they are always nice and friendly. I’m enjoying hanging out with them, and studying together.