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VoiceThread Mentor Program

What is VoiceThread?

VoiceThread is an interactive communication platform that allows users to interact utilizing a variety of media. VoiceThread allows you to replace text-only discussions, and create interactive lectures while supporting Universal Design for Learning principles.

  • Benefits to Faculty
    • Create authentic assessments.
    • Increase engagement with students.
    • Analytics available at the course level to support research efforts.
    • Gain knowledge and skills in a new communication platform.
  • Benefits to Students
    • Can export presentations for portfolio pieces.
    • Increase engagement between classmates, with the instructor(s), and academic assistant(s).
    • Increase presentation
    • Demonstrate mastery of knowledge/skills in the specific discipline.
  • Benefits to the University

    Supports Universal Design for Learning principles

    • Platinum support tier provides unlimited closed captioning for all audio/video files submitted by faculty and students.
    • VoiceThread universal allows for faculty and students who use screen readers to be able to view the content submitted to their VoiceThread course groups.

    Analytics Available

    • Customizable reports are available to evaluate usage.
    • Data can be used to support research at the university, department and course levels.

    Increases sense of community

    • VoiceThread Faculty Mentors will be engaged as a group through meetings, and workshops, as well as ongoing communication throughout the year. 

    Supports achievement of the following university learning outcomes:

    • Students will demonstrate the creative and critical thinking skills needed to evaluate relevant information and/or ideas, formulate innovative strategies and solve problems.
    • Students will communicate effectively in social, academic and professional contexts using a variety of means, including written, oral, numeric/quantitative, graphics and/or visual modes as appropriate to topic, audience, and discipline.
    • Students will be able to live and work effectively with others as an engaged member of a diverse and global society.
  • VoiceThread Faculty Mentor Expectations

    Applications for the VoiceThread Faculty Mentor will be accepted through May 31, 2019. The AOS Faculty Support Team will review and select one faculty member per college.

    VoiceThread Mentor Application

    Selected Mentors will be notified by June 15, 2019, and will be the VoiceThread liaison in their respective colleges.

    If selected, VoiceThread Faculty Mentors agree to the following:

    • Complete an online VoiceThread Training Course during the month of July.
    • Coordinate training opportunities for their college.
    • Assist faculty in their department as requested for the 2019/2020 academic year.
    • Collaborate with Faculty Mentors and AOS Faculty Support teams to develop resources for faculty and students for VoiceThread.
    • Participate in one VoiceThread workshop offered by the AOS Faculty Support Team.
    • Assist faculty in their colleges in developing assessments for their courses. 

    VoiceThread Faculty Mentors will be provided a $1,000 stipend that will be dispersed in two installments, the first in August of 2019 and the second in January of 2020.

    In August 2019, we will hold a kick-off meeting to develop a plan of action for the group and each mentor individually for their respective college.