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Blackboard Ultra

"Ultra" describes the transformation of the user interface and workflows in Blackboard Learn.

Check it out! The intuitive, fluid interactions in our modern design are simple and fun to use.

Use any device! With our responsive design, the interface adjusts to fit on any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Don't miss any action in your courses. From the activity stream, you'll find an organized list of everything that's happened in all your courses. Select an item and jump in!

A new course look. We offer a dual approach for courses. You may be allowed to have a mix of courses in the Ultra Course View and the Original Course View. Both course views appear seamlessly in your course list.

This video will give you an overview of what Ultra experience.

Retrieved from: https://help.blackboard.com/Learn/Instructor/Getting_Started/What_Is_Ultra

  • Blackboard Ultra Pilot Site

    All A-State Faculty and Staff have access to the Blackboard Ultra pilot site. This site will show you what Blackboard Ultra would like if implemented as well as give you an opportunity to play around in the Blackboard Ultra environment.

    Login Information

    A-State Faculty and Staff:

    Make sure to use your full email address to log into Blackboard
    Example: flastname@astate.edu

    Password: Your password will be the same as the current blackboard password or computer password.

    Access Blackboard Ultra Here: https://asu-pilot.blackboard.com/?new_loc=%2Fultra%2F

    Faculty Training Course: https://explore.blackboard.com 

    Username: astatefaculty

    Password: RedWolves1

  • Ultra Cohort Files and Videos
    Session Topics Covered Session Files
    Introduction to the SaaS Deployment for Learn and the Ultra Experience for Learn
    • SaaS overview and benefits
    • How to make the move to SaaS
    • Ultra overview and benefits
    Intro to Ultra and SaaS PDF
    Ultra Base Navigation Deep Dive

    Experience outside of courses: New Navigation, Activity Stream, Calendar, Profile, Targeted Notifications, etc.

    Ultra Navigation PDF
    Ultra CourseView Deep Dive: Designing an Ultra Course & Course Conversion

    Our design approach, an overview of the Ultra Course View, creating content, and course conversion

    Course Design Original and Ultra View PDF
    Ultra Course View Deep Dive: Course

    Discussions, Conversations, Messages, and more

    Course Communication PDF

    Ultra Course View Deep Dive: Assessment & Grading

    Assignments, Tests, Goal Alignment, Rubrics, Gradebook, and more
    Assessment and Grading PDF
    Learning Analytics & Integrations
    • Learning analytics included in the Ultra experience
    • Supporting existing and developing new integrations
    Coming Soon
    The Ultra Roadmap, Your Path Forward, & Cohort Closing
    • The Learn roadmap for the Ultra experience
    • Conducting an Ultra pilot and other next steps
    Coming Soon