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International students are required by the US government to have health insurance. All F and J students are enrolled in Health Insurance provided through A-State upon receipt of payment. The cost of the insurance must be paid by credit card through Marketplace prior to the start date of upcoming semester.  It can also be paid with cash at the cashier's window.  The health insurance does not cover students in their home country. Therefore students can choose to have a second policy but they are still required to purchase insurance through A-State.





Do I have to have A-State’s insurance policy?
Yes, all international students are required to have insurance through Wellfleet. This was a policy set by the Board of Trustees (BOT) which is the governing board of the university.

What insurance company does A-State go through?
A-State uses Wellfleet for international students. The current policy year brochure can be downloaded from the home tab on their website: https://www.studentinsurance.com/Schools/Login/?Id=490

How do I get my insurance card and enter my address?
Steps to Getting Your Insurance Card for All International First-Time and Returning users:

  1. Go to https://www.studentinsurance.com/Schools/Login/?Id=490
  2. Click 'Create New Account'
  3. For first time users enter required information then click ‘create account’.
  4. For returning users log in with your credentials. 
  5. After you log in, go to the ‘Benefits’ tab' which is located at the top.
  6. Click ‘Print Current Year ID Card' 


Steps to Enter Your Address:

  1. Log in to your account at https://www.studentinsurance.com/Schools/Login/?Id=490
  2. Click ‘Student Options’ tab.
  3. Click ‘Update Personal Information’.
  4. Enter the information.


How do I get reimbursed for my immunizations from the Health Center?

  1.  Prior to using these instructions, make sure you set up your personal insurance account and enter a valid mailing address. (not a campus address)
  2.  Requirements for filing a claim via email to the insurance company:
  • Attach “Itemized Statement for Reimbursement” received via email from Health Center. 
  • Attach a proof of payment to University by taking a picture of your 'Account Summary by Term'.
  • Type your A-State ID and Insurance ID in the body of the email. 
  1. Email to asu@studentinsurance.comor customerservice@wellfleetinsurance.com   
  2. Allow 4-6 weeks to receive reimbursement by mail.  If questions, call the Customer Service number on your insurance card.


How do I use my insurance card?
When you are sick and go to a health clinic, hospital, or seek any medical treatment you must take a copy of your insurance card. You must always carry a copy of insurance card.

How do I enroll in the insurance if I am on OPT? 
Insurance through Wellfleet must be purchased within 30 days of graduation.  For questions regarding enrollment, contact Kimberly Winters at kwinters@astate.edu


    How do I enroll in the insurance if I am an F1/J1 student?
    If you are F1 and/or J1 student, you are automatically enrolled in the insurance. This is done every semester. If you want to add a dependent, please see “How do I add my dependents to my insurance policy?”

    How do I add my dependents to my insurance policy?

    Dependents are eligible for coverage under the Plan as long as it is within 30 days of the eligibility/renewal date of the student or scholar.

    To add a dependent to your insurance, follow the following steps:

    1. Go to http://www.studentinsurance.com/Apps/Schools/Default.aspx?Id=490
    2. On the right hand side of the homepage, Click on “Account Login”.
    3. Enter your Email and Password, you will be directed to Insurance Card.
    4. In the top menu, select “Students Options” and then “Add dependents”.

    How long is my insurance valid? 
    We are required to insure all international students for the duration of their studies at ASU.

    What happens if I don’t pay for my insurance?
    You are not able to register for classes without paying for insurance and could put your immigration record in jeopardy. Students must have insurance to enroll.


    How much does insurance cost?
    Prior to registration, your insurance charges must be paid. Insurance is $90 a month and is based on 6 months enrollment. Premiums are $451 for Fall, $670 for Spring & Summer. Your student account will be charged each semester.

    Why does it seem that my premium is high?
    Insurance is run by private insurance companies and not the government.  Insurance companies hire underwriters who evaluate/measure data from the previous year’s claims to determine the amount the individual must pay so that the insurance will always have enough money to pay their portion of the charge to the doctor’s office.  This in turn keeps your premium to a minimum.  However, keep in mind that medical cost in the U.S. can get very expensive.

    Dates (time-frames) to know:
    Below is the timeline that insurance holds appear on your account.  To participate in early registration, you will need to prepay the insurance to get the hold removed.  After making your payment you will need to contact Kimberly Winters at kwinters@astate.edu to get the hold removed. 

    • During week of orientation - you will pay the premium.
    • During first two weeks of the semester - you are enrolled in the insurance plan and will be notified that your card is ready for you to print. This continues to occur during the first two weeks of every semester.
    • 5 weeks in to the semester - you will receive an email that will list the amount that needs to be prepaid for future terms.  This amount must be paid prior to registering for future semesters.  This continues to occur during the first two weeks of every semester.

    How do I pay for my insurance? 
    All insurance charges will appear on your Self-Service student account before Priority Registration begins. You may pay it online or at Cashiers window. You must pay before you will be eligible to enroll in courses.

    Do I need to pay if I go to a doctor? 
    Students need to pay a deductible and copay when visiting a clinic, doctor, or hospital. For more information call customer services number on the insurance card. For details call 888-622-6001

    When you seek any medical care, the provider you choose – the on campus health center, urgent care clinic, hospital, or doctor’s office – will look to you and to your insurance carrier to get paid for their services.  You will always pay a portion of the doctor’s visit each time you go to a medical facility.  This is referred to as cost-sharing.  To understand more about how to choose a provider and how to read an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) we offer insurance workshops to assist you in your search. 

    What do I pay if I go to the Student Health Center (SHC)? 
    The Student Health Center offers their services at a discounted rate and they do not take insurance of any kind. They may ask you for your insurance information to keep in your medical records. Each student is responsible to pay for any treatment or visits to the SHC. All charges will be applied to your student account.


    I got my insurance card.  How can I learn more?
    For a full list of details covered by the school’s plan click here , then refer to the bottom of page 14 under the section ‘Schedule of Benefits’.    Refer to the chart below for a list of frequently used out-patient benefits or call customer service at: 877-657-5030.

    In Office Primary Care Physician's Annual Well Visit 100% of Preferred Allowance for Covered Medical Expenses Copayment: $30
    In Office Physician's Visit for sickness 100% of Preferred Allowance for Covered Medical Expenses Copayment: $30
    Urgent Care Centers or Facilities 100% of Preferred Allowance for Covered Medical Expenses Copayment: $50
    Emergency Services Expenses 100% of Preferred Allowance for Covered Medical Expenses Copayment: $100

    Diagnostic Imaging Services including x-rays, fluoroscopy,
    ultrasounds, radionuclide studies, electrocardiograms and
    electroencephalograms. CT Scan, MRI/MRA and/or PET Scans

    100% of Preferred Allowance for Covered Medical Expenses Copayment: $15

    I received a document called an EOB.  What is it and what do I do with the document?
    An EOB is an Explanation of Benefits sent to you by the insurance company. This document will give you detailed information from the insurance company about how your insurance worked for you.  It will also show you what you owe the doctor and will be the amount listed under ‘Patient’s Responsibility’ so this is the document you should use to pay by.   


    I received a bill from the doctor.  What should I do with it?
    Compare the EOB that will be found under the ‘Claims' tab in your personal insurance account to the bill you received in the mail from your doctor’s office.  Check for accuracy by making sure that each itemized line on your bill also appears on your EOB.  Do not pay the doctor using the doctor bill.  Pay the doctor based on the EOB.  The amount you owe will be found under ‘Patient Responsibility’


    How do premiums deductibles, copays and coinsurance work?

    A premium is the amount you prepay the university to be a part of Wellfleet’s group plan.  The university mails your premium to Wellfleet and confirms you are a student attending A-State who is eligible to receive discounted charges when going to the doctor. 

    A deductible is the amount you pay per policy year before the insurance begins to work for you. (The policy year begins August 17th of each year and ends on August 16th of the following year.) A deductible must be met each policy year.

    A copay is a fixed amount you pay at the doctor’s office each visit.  This amount is typically paid before you see the doctor. This amount does not accumulate to meet the deductible.

    Coinsurance is the portion you co-share with the insurance company.  This is the cost you pay to the doctor’s office after you have met your deductible.  Typically this amount is billed to you which means you will learn the amount that is your responsibility by viewing what you owe on the Explanation of Benefits (EOB).  This amount will be listed under ‘’Patient’s Responsibility”. 



    How long do I have to file a claim with the insurance company?
    Call Customer Service: 877-657-5030

    What do I do if I get a bill? Or the doctor says I owe them money?
    Call Customer Service: 877-657-5030 right away.


    Please click here for key words and definitions used in this policy.

  • Steps For Searching For a Doctor
    • Click on Cigna PPO Choice Fund
    • Click the orange button ‘Find a Doctor’
    • In the “Search Location” box type zip code.
    • At the bottom of the page under Popular Searches click the type of doctor you need to see. Most students need to see a “primary care physician”.
    • This brings up approximately 231 Doctors for Primary Care Provider (PCP).  Now narrow the distance to 10 miles which will narrow it down to 223 Doctors.
    • Call a doctor’s office of your choice to find out if they are accepting new patients.