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It is important for all employees of Arkansas State University to understand what hazardous waste is and to manage hazardous waste properly. Types of hazardous waste can range from laboratory chemicals to office chemicals such as empty aerosol cans. Before disposing of any chemical, please check with EHS to make sure that it gets managed properly.

Below are links to resources needed to manage hazardous waste. Please check the training section to see if you need to be trained in your role. The labels section has several different types of hazardous waste and non-hazardous waste labels. The documents section has the hazardous waste management plan and the laboratory management plan for ASU. The lists of hazardous waste section has the EPA lists for hazardous waste to help trained individuals make a hazardous waste determination. Lastly, if you have chemicals that need to be picked up by EHS use the pickup request form.

Hazardous Waste Documents

Find documents for hazardous waste management below. The university must follow these procedures in the treatment of hazardous waste.

Biological Waste

Biological waste is also considered hazardous waste. Some biological waste, such as sharps containers, is managed by using the disposal request form found under Hazardous Waste Resources above. Waste that is managed in the lab (by autoclaving or bleaching) may need to be recorded on a log. The Biosafety Manual gives more details and training is available to explain the different types of biological waste.