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Indoor air quality (IAQ) covers a broad range of issues.  Some of the items that fall into IAQ include temperature extremes, elevated relative humidity, stuffy air and odors.  While many unpleasant odors are transient from sources such as vehicle exhaust and construction activities, more persistent odors could result from problems with the air quality.  If an odor or other unpleasant conditions persist for more than a few hours, EHS may choose to investigate the problem to determine if further action is necessary.

Investigations include temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide, mold and bacteria concentrations, dust particles and organic vapors.  EHS will determine the course of action based on the initial observations and ensure that the concerns of those who initiated the complaint are addressed.

If you suspect a problem with the air quality in any space on campus, please complete the IAQ form and submit by email to mdooley@astate.edu.  If you are unable to submit by email, you may print the form and send it via campus mail to EHS, located in room 117 of the Administration Building.  This form should be filled out with your immediate supervisor, so that they are aware of the issue.

Indoor Air Quality Form

Use this form to notify EHS of an indoor air quality issue.  Submit via email or print and send through campus mail to EHS in the Administration Building room 117. 

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