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Register with Access & Accommodation Services (A&AS)

To be eligible to receive services students must:

  • Be accepted for admission at A-State
  • Complete a Access & Accommodation Services (A&AS) application
  • Provide documentation of disability to A&AS.  You may ask your doctor to complete out the Professional Documentation of Disability Form, if you do not have your documentation readily available.
  • Complete an intake interview with an A&AS Counselor to determine appropriate accommodations each fall.
    • An accommodation letter that lists the accommodations that may be utilized for the academic year will be emailed to faculty.
    • A student enrolled in an online or long distance course may request us to send an accommodation letter to the instructor.
    • It is the student's responsibility to show the card to his/her instructors.

A&AS offers a variety of beneficial support services to students with disabilities.  Assistance and accommodations are provided on an individual basis and are determined by the student's documentation that verifies his/her disability.  Appropriate accommodations should be requested by the student after verification of his or her disability is received.

Services Provided

Support services provided by A&AS include orientation and registration, intake and assessment,          notetaking, test administration with accommodations, Reader Services, computer and technology demonstrations for all students, physical adaptations inside and outside of the classroom, guidance and counseling, priority registration, and Interpreter Services.

Contact A&AS prior to your enrollment at A-State.  To qualify you must have a disability which substantially limits one or more major life activities or functions.  Qualifying disabilities include but are not limited to: learning, visual, hearing, physical disabilities, arthritis, attention deficit disorder, carpal tunnel syndrome, cancer, cardiac diseases, dyslexia, diabetes, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, and psychiatric disabilities including forms of depression.

The Goal of Access & Accommodation Services

A-State A&AS goal is to provide students with disabilities access to resources that will enable them to manage daily activities in the university setting.  They are committed to providing opportunities in higher education for students with disabilities who demonstrate the reasonable ability for college success.

Although A-State does not offer a specialized curriculum for persons with disabilities or assume the role of a rehabilitation center, A-State offers a variety of support services so that students with disabilities are admitted and integrated as completely as possible into the university.

Responsibility is shared with the student for modifying campus facilities and programs to meet individual needs.  For example, some students may need interpreters, whereas other students may hear or read lips well enough to use classroom note-takers.  In some cases, students may require both services.

Students registered with A&AS have access to resources that will enable them to manage daily activities in the university setting.  A-State offers physical and technological access as well as auxiliary aids, accessible facilities, and reasonable accommodations for the classroom.  Physical and programmatic access is also provided.