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Requesting Accommodations


All students must log into AIM at the beginning of each semester and choose accommodations from your pre-approved list. If changes need to be made to your accommodations, you must schedule a meeting with your AAS Counselor. To ensure accommodations are set and faculty letters are sent in a timely manner, request your accommodations as early as possible in the academic term.

Accommodation letters will be sent to faculty for all students enrolled in courses. When AAS sends the accommodation letter to faculty, you will also receive a copy of the letter in your A-State smail account. 

General accommodations:

  • Log in to the AIM Portal (You may be redirected to enter your MY.ASTATE credentials before returning to AIM)
  • Click "Step 1: Select Class(es)" and select each class you are requesting accommodations for
  • Click "Step 2: Continue to Customize Your Accommodations"
    • Under "Select Accommodation for..." check each accommodation you want for that particular course
    • Repeat for each class you are requesting accommodations for

Note-taking services:

  • Log in to the AIM Portal (You may be redirected to enter your MY.ASTATE credentials before returning to AIM)
  • Only click CONFIRM for the courses you will NEED note-taking (i.e. do not request note-taking for labs or online courses)



Students who qualify for testing accommodations may take their exams in the AAS office or with their faculty and approved accommodations.

For more information on testing accommodations, please visit our Alternative Testing webpage.


Technology & Alternative Text

Contact the AAS Technology & Alternative Text Coordinator, Victoria Shann, to discuss accommodations (e-text, assistive technology, etc.) and for trainings.

    For more information regarding these types of accommodations, please visit our Assistive Technology webpage.


    Golf Cart Services

    To receive transportation services, complete a Golf Cart Transportation Application. You must provide documentation of disability/impairment with application.

    To view the Golf Cart Transportation Policy, click here.

    Important things to remember:

    • Students requiring transportation services as well as other accommodations must complete an AAS Application and schedule an intake meeting with an AAS Counselor.
    • Students already registered with AAS do not need to provide documentation. Submit application with any picture (appropriate) attached.



      AAS recruits volunteer note-takers who are willing to share a copy of their notes with a student with a disability.

      To Volunteer:

      • Log in to the AIM Portal (You may be redirected to enter your MY.ASTATE credentials before returning to AIM)
      • Complete and submit the Note-taking Volunteer Application
      • Upload notes to AIM no less than 2x per week

      For any questions, please contact our Note-Taking Coordinator, Dominique White.


      Service Animal Policy

      A-State is committed to providing access for individuals with disabilities in compliance with state and federal laws. Requests for a service or assistance animal will be determined on a case by case basis in accordance with ADA.


      Course Substitution Policy

      On occasion, student(s) with a learning disability or other disabilities that present significant learning difficulties, may encounter a course(s) which the student is not capable of passing due to his/her disability condition(s). These courses are usually part of the core curriculum in the student's choice of major and are highly protected by accreditation criteria/requirements. When a situation arises where a student has given their "best effort" in a particular subject, but continually struggles to pass or even fails the course because of their disability, some type of action needs to be in place to assist these students. To this end, the office of Access & Accommodation Services offers course substitutions to students who encounter this problem. Please see the course substitution policy and application by clicking here for more information.