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Support services provided by the Office of Access & Accommodation Services (A&AS) includes: orientation and registration, intake and assessment, note-taking, test administration with accommodations, E-Texts (texts in alternate format), computer and technology demonstrations for all students, physical adaptations inside and outside of the classroom, guidance and counseling, priority registration, and Interpreter Services.

Every Fall term, students are required to make an appointment to meet with their A&AS Counselor to review and request their accommodations.  For the Spring and Summer terms, the student may simply log into the AIM Portal and choose their accommodations from a list of pre-approved accommodations chosen specifically for that particular student.

Please log in to AIM A&AS Portal on the A&AS website at the beginning of the academic term to request your accommodations!  If changes need to be made to the accommodations you receive, schedule a meeting with your A&AS Counselor.

Each semester, log in to AIM or AIM A&AS Portal (You may be redirected to enter your MY.ASTATE credentials before returning to AIM)

  • Go to "Step 1: Select Class(es)" and check mark each class in which you are requesting accommodations
  • Click on "Step 2-Continue to Customize Your Accommodations"
  • Under "Select Accommodation for..." check each accommodation you want for that particular course.
  • After you have finished this for each class, click on SUBMIT YOUR ACCOMMODATIONS REQUEST.
  • **Please note when A&AS sends the accommodation letter to faculty, you (the student) will also receive a copy of the letter in your A-State smail account.

REMEMBER:  Go into your account in AIM Portal into MY ACCOMMODATIONS and click on NOTE-TAKING SERVICES. Click on CONFIRM (IN BLUE) for the courses you will need note-taking.


The following are the procedures that must be followed to ensure you receive your accommodations, and faculty letters are sent in a timely manner:

  • Request accommodations as early as possible in the academic term.
  • Accommodations must be requested every semester, either in person or through AIM online.
  • If there are accommodations that you have received in the past that are not in your list of choices, please contact your A&AS Counselor.  Policies have changed, and accommodations involving absenteeism and making up exams, and assignments must be requested and approved each academic term. 

Course Substitution Policy and Application

On occasion, a student with a learning disability or other disabilities that present significant learning difficulties, may encounter a course(s) which the student is not capable of passing due to his/her disability condition(s).  These courses usually are part of the core curriculum in the student's choice of major and are highly protected by accreditation criteria/requirements.  When a situation arises where a student has given his/her "best effort" in a particular subject, but continually struggles to pass or even fails the course because of his/her disability, some type of action needs to be in place to assist these students.  To this end, the office of Access & Accommodation Services offers course substitutions to students who encounter this problem.  Please see the course substitution policy and application by clicking on the link above for more information.

Alternative/Audio Books

Priority Registration


  • Request priority registration during an intake process with a A&AS counselor.  Graduate students and graduating seniors are not eligible for priority registration
  • Priority registration is always open for 5 working days before senior students and graduate students can register for classes (i.e. If the graduate students and senior students can start to register for classes on November 5, students eligible for priority registration can register for classes on October 29 to November 2).
  • All holds and advisor holds must be removed before a student can register for classes.



  • Request technology accommodations during an intake process with a A&AS Counselor.
  • Meet with the A&AS Assistive Technology Specialist to discuss accommodations and for training session(s).
  • Devices loaned out through A&AS must be returned at the end of each semester, and a reminder is sent out by email to each student who checked out a device, at the end of the semester.


  • Make exams with specific instructions (i.e. open-book/notes, calculators or scantrons) available to A&AS in a timely manner.
  • Accommodate students who require extended time for quizzes and exams in the classroom.
  • Provide a contact number and e-mail address to A&AS.
  • Routinely check email and voice mail for A&AS messages.
  • Keep A&AS updated regarding course requirements relative to students accommodation needs.


A&AS recruits “Ghostwriters” or a volunteer note-takers who takes notes in their classes, and are willing to share a copy of their notes with a student with a disability.


  • Request note-taking accommodation during an intake process with a A&AS Counselor.
  • Pick up notes once a week.
  • Contact Note-Taking Coordinator if notes are not received.


  • A&AS may contact faculty to assist in locating quality note-takers.  Please encourage students to volunteer.


  • Drop notes off at A&AS or email notes to Note-Taking Coordinator.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

Testing Accommodation

Students who qualify for testing accommodations may take their exams in A&AS or with their faculty with approved accommodations.


  • Request testing accommodation during an intake process with a A&AS counselor
  • Schedule your exam in writing either online or at the office.  Exams MUST be scheduled at least 3-5 weekdays prior to the faculty members scheduled test date.
  • Midterms, finals and exams in online classes must be scheduled in A&AS at the beginning of each semester.
  • Come to A&AS on the scheduled day and time to take your exam.

Golf Cart Services Accommodation

View Golf Cart Transportation Policy


Parking & Physical Accommodation


  • Request physical accommodation during an intake process with a A&AS counselor.
  • Students requesting A-State A&AS Parking sticker will need to follow this procedure >>