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Students, faculty and staff are required to properly display all of the following to legally park in disability parking on campus:

  1. State placard/hangtag or disability license plate
  2. A-State repositionable parking pass
  3. Disability Parking Tier 1 sticker

To obtain a disability parking placard or plate, you must present the following documents to the State Revenue Office:

  • Valid Driver's License or Government Issued ID
  • Form 10-336, completed and signed by your own physician


Requesting Disability Parking

AAS issues A-State Disability Parking Tier 1 stickers in office once we have received all the necessary documentation. If this is not accessible to you, please call our office to discuss other options. Students, faculty and staff must present the following documentation to AAS to obtain a Tier 1 sticker that will be placed on their A-State repositionable parking pass:

Permanent Disability (Blue)

  • Valid Driver's License (with medical code on the back)
    • If you do not have a medical code on the back side of your license, you must provide documentation for proof of disability before you will receive a Tier 1 sticker.
  • State Placard/Registration (hangtag or disability license plate issued by the State Revenue Office)
  • A-State Parking Permit

Temporary Disability/Impairment (Red)

  • Valid Driver's License
  • Disabled Person's Access to Parking Application (issued with red state placard)
  • A-State Parking Permit


  • Valid Driver's License (with disabled veteran code on the back)
  • A-State Parking Permit

Things to Remember

  • Only those with a wheelchair or other related mobility device are authorized to park in a "van accessible" disability parking space.

  • Displaying the materials listed above does not allow individuals to legally park in:
    • designated VISITOR parking spaces
    • lots designated solely for contract parking

    For further parking information, please visit the A-State Parking Services website.