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Accommodation letters inform faculty members of the specific accommodations students are eligible to receive.  The recommended academic adjustments may comprise an incomplete list.  Accommodation needs may change over time and are not always initially identified during the diagnostic process.

Students and faculty members are encouraged to discuss the student's academic strengths and weaknesses, his or her learning styles, and the faculty member's teaching methods used in the course, such as the type(s) of exams to be administered and other course requirements and/or expectations.

If students with disabilities do not contact the faculty member regarding academic adjustments, we encourage the faculty member to invite students with disabilities to visit with them concerning disability and academic-related matters which can enhance the teaching/learning process.  We also recommend that faculty members include a statement concerning accommodation requests in their class syllabus.  See example below:

"Students who require academic adjustments in the classroom due to a disability must first register with A-State Access & Accommodation Services (A&AS).  Following registration and within the first two weeks of class, please contact me to discuss appropriate academic accommodations.  Appropriate arrangements can be made to ensure equal access to this course."

The confidentiality protocol between A-State and the student with a disability requires absolute privacy of the student's evaluation.  Avoid delving into the student's diagnosis and concentrate on information needed about the student's ability to function in the course.  It is also important to remember the name of the student with a disability should not be disclosed to students or departmental personnel who are not responsible for providing academic access.

For questions or concerns regarding this matter, contact the Director of A&AS, Dr. Jenifer Rice-Mason at (870) 972-3964.