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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I use my meal plans/Flex Dollars on campus?

A. Meal plans (5-day, 7-day, Block) can only be used in the Acansa Dining Hall. Flex Dollars can be used anywhere dining services sells food (Acansa, Food Court, Campus Store, Café a la Cart)

Q. Can I get a “to-go” meal in Acansa Dining Hall?

A. Yes, since Acansa is an all-you-care-to-eat, dine-in, sit-down establishment, we have modified to offer at take-out option. Meal swipes, Flex Dollars, and/or Astate Express Dollars may be used at our "To-Go Area" in the Acansa Dining Hall and other locations (Food Court, Café a la Cart, Campus Store) for to-go meals.

Q. If I have a visitor, can they dine with me in Acansa Dining Hall?

A. Yes. Your guest is more than welcome in Acansa dining hall, or at any other location on campus. At Acansa dining hall, you may pay cash or credit at the door, use your Flex Dollars, or A-State Express Dollars to treat your guest to an all-you-care-to-eat experience.

Q. I have special dietary needs; can I eat in Acansa Dining Hall?

A. Absolutely! Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan or have food allergies, ASU Dining Services can help make sure you always have something to eat. We offer at least one vegetarian or vegan entrée at both lunch and dinner, and we also generally have soy milk available for non-dairy customers. Most of our items are made to order, so we can work with you to prepare a meal that meets your dietary requirements. Be sure o check out our Simple Servings line. 

Q. What should I do if I lose my A-State ID card or if it isn’t working?

A. If it is damaged or lost, contact the Student Accounts/ID office, 870-972-2900, to get a replacement as soon as possible. You can not enter Acansa Dining Hall without your ID, nor will you have access to Flex Dollars without it.

Also, here is the link to set up your mobile credential. Instructions for Setting Up Your Access Astate Mobile ID

Q. Do you offer meal plans for students who are not living in Residence Halls or on campus?

A. Yes. We have “Voluntary Meal Plans” for our students who are not living in Residence Halls. These plans offer the same type of experience as regular meal plans, with Block meals to use in Acansa dining hall and also Flex Dollars, but in a smaller amount. Descriptions of these plans can be found on our webpage (www.astate.edu/dining). These plans can be purchased in the Residence Life office.

Q. How often do menus change in Acansa Dining Hall?

A. During the normal school year, our menu is designed for a 4-week cycle, meaning that every four weeks the menus repeat. We go to great lengths to ensure that menu items are repeated as little as possible in that four week cycle. There are some items that are popular, that will repeat more often, like macaroni and cheese or chicken fried steak. In addition to the regular menu cycle, we offer a “taste changer” each week that adds variety and keeps things fresh!

Q. Are there ever jobs in Dining Services?

A. Yes! We enjoy having students work for us, and will work to be flexible with the schedules they have, as education is important to us as a company. For some positions we do look for employees with some food service experience, but there are some positions that require less experience. To apply for a job with Dining Services, come by our office, Room 2008, on the second floor of the Student Union to see if we have any openings and to pick up an application.

Q. Do students ever get to contribute ideas as to what is served/done in Acansa Dining Hall?

A. Yes! We have a Student Culinary Council that meets monthly during the school year, whose main purpose is to give the students a voice in dining services. Board members are selected at the beginning of each school year and earn a scholarship for participating. Applications can be picked up at the Residence Halls during Move-In weekend or in the Residence Life office.

Q. Our study group or student organization wants to have a small get-together. Can Dining Services provide food for us?

A. Yes, we can! Our catering department would love to help you out. Our catering menus and policies/procedures for placing orders are on our web page (www.astate.edu/dining). Once you know what you want, come by (Room 2004 in the Student Union) or call our office, 972-2059, to place your order. Our Catering Representatives will help you plan your event and menu in order to make your event the best it can be!