Welcome to Arkansas State University!

According to Operating Procedure 07-28 Employee Training, all employees are required to complete the following courses in the Employee Learn Center  module within their first 30 days of employment.

  • Child Maltreatment
  • Title IX (Sexual Discrimination)
  • Privacy and Security

Once  the required training module has been completed, the appropriate security request form may be submitted.

Banner Finance/HR/TEM Security - Utilized for finance initiator/approvers, supervisors and leave/time approvers and their proxies, travel and expense, and student accounts receivable access. Please contact cpi-security@astate.edu for further assistance with Finance and Travel security.

Banner Student Security – Maintained by the Registrar’s Office for Banner Student module access. FERPA training is required for employees who request access to student information. Please contact registrar@astate.edu for further assistance with Banner Student security.

Non-Employee/Sponsored Account – Submitted by an Employee who is sponsoring a non-employee/privatized employee for an A-State account and/or system access. Any individual who is not paid by the University and needs access must be set up through this process.