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Contract Administration



The Office of Contract Administration and Strategic Sourcing supports the mission of Arkansas State University by facilitating contract review and negotiation while evaluating institutional risks in a professional and timely manner in accordance with Arkansas law and University policies.

Purchasing Authority

All purchases, rentals, leases, lease/purchases, and contract services for Arkansas State University, regardless of the source of funds, are subject to Arkansas laws, regulations, and procedures, and should be for the official business of the University.

All type of purchases/services from university accounts are subject to these regulations and procedures and require prior approval from Procurement Services and/or Office of Contract Administration & Strategic Sourcing. A designated University Official is the sole purchasing authority of the University. Purchases not authorized by this authority are not legal obligations of the University.

Purchasing Without Authorization

Any individual making a purchase or signing a contract/lease/rental agreement without proper authority first being given is assuming a personal obligation to the vendor for whom he/she may be held personally liable.

What does the University Consider a Contract?

A contract is an agreement with specific terms and conditions that legally bind the University.  For signatory purposes, this includes any document requiring an authorized signature where there are specific terms or not.