Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Create a Campus Presence

Are you looking to create or enhance your A-State recruiting presence? Consider these steps:

Collaborate with Student Organizations

Collaborating with student organizations is a positive way to brand your company and create greater recognition among students. Whether sponsoring an event, serving as a featured guest speaker or collaborating on a special event, student organizations provide employers with the opportunity to make meaningful connections with engaged students and campus leaders.

A-State is proud to have their own chapter of Delta Epsilon Iota, the nationally recognized honor society for students to develop professionally through leadership and community service. This is just one example of the over 200 student organizations that A-State has to offer for employers to collaborate with on campus. Here is a list of our registered student organizations

Utilize Faculty and Classes

Faculty members serve as advisors to various student organizations and can introduce you to their outstanding students. Many members of the faculty are open to employers making announcements and serving as guest lecturers in the classroom. We do ask that employers contact Career Services in advance to schedule these classroom and faculty meetings.

Establish Campus Relationships

Building relationships with students, faculty and staff can help you build greater visibility and generate positive hiring outcomes. Consider participating in career fairs, on campus interviews, information sessions and career development workshops. You may also sponsor university activities as well as make presentations to student organizations, groups or faculty and classes. Career Services can help you plan and coordinate your activities.