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Book Money Details

You have heard the words "Book Money",

but you are not sure what exactly that is. 

Does this sound like you? 

Here are the details on Book Money.

  1. It is NOT additional Financial Aid funding. Think of it as a loan or advance against the Financial Aid refund you are expected to receive once Financial Aid posts to your student account.
  2. Once you request “Book Money” it will take 24 Business Hours to post, it isn’t an instant or automatic process
  3. Book Money is OPTIONAL, You must submit your “Book Money” request via the link in your Financial Aid Checklist. Requests via email or phone will not be accepted.
  4. BE CAUTIOUS to enter all your information correctly, any incorrect information will result in a voided request. Your “Book Money” will not post when you expect it.
  5. If you are not purchasing books or supplies you don’t have to request “Book Money”. Remember it is an optional advance on your Financial Aid refund. So if you don’t request you won’t have to have it refunded.
  6. Because “Book Money” is an advance toward your Financial Aid Refund, “Book Money” Refunds cannot be processed until Financial Aid posts to your Student Account.
  7. “Book Money” can only be used at the Follett Bookstores on the Jonesboro and Mountain Home campuses.
  8. “Book Money” Refunds, If you don’t use all your “Book Money” you can submit the Express Dollars Refund Request Form.