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October 5th, 2020 - General Education Composition, Oral Communication and Mathematics Assessment Reports Due

October 15th, 2020* - Assessment Plans, Findings and Action Plans from 2019-20 Due

October 15th, 2020* - Status Reports for 2018-19 Action Plans Due

October 15th, 2020 - Review and Update (if needed) All Curriculum Maps Due

*The June 15th, 2020 deadline was suspended for the 2019-20 academic year and all components (“Assessment Plans,” “Assessment Findings,” “Action Plans,” and “Status Reports”) of the 2019-2020 Assessment Cycle Report are due no later than October 15th, 2020 due to the COVID19 Pandemic. If you were not able to collect the planned data, please state that in the report. If you need additional assistance crafting your assessment report, please reach out to Mary Elizabeth Spence at mspence@astate.edu


Fall 2020

September 9 - Regular Semester Classes

 October 23 - Session II - Fall

Spring 2021

January 29 - Regular Semester Classes

March 12 - Session II - Spring

Summer 2021

June 4 - 1st Summer Term

July 2 - 2nd Summer Term


October 2, 2020 - Mini Grant Application Fall Deadline

January 29, 2021 - Mini Grant Application Spring Deadline

February 12, 2021 - Abstract Deadline for Learn@State Participants

TBA - Learn@State