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You And I Decode Ph.D. Funding Opportunity

Understanding Invasion and Disease Ecology and Evolution through Computational Education.

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ABI Summer Internship Program - Seeking Mentors

ABI is sponsoring the ABI Summer Internship Program (began program in 2006). This program is to provide basic support for Arkansas State University undergraduate students to enhance their academic experience by providing them with opportunities to participate in hands-on research and creative work with faculty and staff - in the sciences, engineering, professional programs, arts, humanities, or the social sciences (not limited to the sciences). Projects must be consistent with the ABI Mission Statement: to improve the health of Arkansans through new and expanded agricultural and medical research initiatives. Interns will be required to present on their experiences and findings of this project in early Fall to the A-State community.

If you wish to be considered for participation in this program as a mentor, please provide the following (sample available on ABI website) by the end of Tuesday, April 11, 2023:

1.) a short paragraph describing the research/work the student would be doing;

2.) some description of what the intern would learn and experience if they choose to work with you this summer;

3.) details of how your research/project/creative work adheres to the ABI Mission Statement;

4.) name, title, and contact information.

Please make sure that these descriptions are easily understood by inexperienced students. This information will be made available to the students along with the applications. Send this information, attached as a Word document to prpattada@astate.edu.


Seeking mentors: March 28-April 11 at 5:00 pm

Student applications window: April 12 – 26 at 5:00 pm

(Students select a mentor, schedule interviews with mentor and complete application)

Notify students and mentors: no later than May 3

Students may start as early as May 15


Mentor List Description Sample


ABI Request for Proposals

The A-State Arkansas Biosciences Institute (ABI) is soliciting proposals from A-State faculty (applicants must be current tenured, tenure-track, or affiliated (as approved by Graduate Council) faculty on the Jonesboro campus) to provide seed funds for new discoveries consistent with the mission of ABI that will lead to nationally competitive grants and publications. Details are provided in the Request for Proposal 2023-25 for 2 years.

Please note Eligibility and Requirements:

PIs are not eligible if they have a funded ABI seed grant in FY23.

Researchers previously awarded an ABI seed grant which led to submitted grant proposals must provide the agency, grant title and date submitted. The proposal submissions from previous ABI seed grants (if any) will be a factor in the evaluation process.


March 1 – Letter of Intent due, email to Prathima Pattada (prpattada@astate.edu)

April 14 – Complete Proposal due, attachments uploaded into Cayuse & approvals complete

June 12 – Notice to Funded Recipients

July 1 – Project funding begins


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Submission Instructions:

Please send all final proposal documents to RTT by April 7th in order to get them into Cayuse and routed for approvals by the deadline.

Proposals should be final documents, compiled in the format required by the ABI RFP. RTT will not be editing proposals, and will submit the proposal as given to us since these are considered internal funding opportunities.

Please email your final compiled documents to Ashley apinkard@astate.edu, Morgan mospeer@astate.edu and copy research@astate.edu.

If you do not have a Cayuse login, or you have forgotten your login information, please reach out to Morgan and Ashley, and we can help you with this.

Please feel free to contact Prathima Pattada (prpattada@astate.edu) if you have any questions.