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Strong Turner Alumni Chapter

The Strong-Turner Alumni Chapter of the ASU Alumni Association was formed in 1982 and named after Walter B. Strong and Frederick C. Turner, the first African-American graduates of Arkansas State University.  The need for the chapter was recognized by a large number of the African-American Alumni who voiced concern over the lack of programs to meet their needs and interest.  The chapter was formed by a small group of African-American Alumni as a mechanism to address concern over the lack of programs that met their needs, concerns and interest. Membership has steadily increased over the years as the scope and programs have also broadened. S-TAC is a division of the Arkansas State University Alumni Association.


  • The Strong-Turner Alumni Chapter is committed to improving the quality of life for everyone in the university community.
  • Your active membership is an indication of support for Arkansas state University and specifically for African– American Faculty, staff, and students.
  • You will help provide scholarship assistance to African-American students.
  • You help document the history of the ongoing struggle for equality and opportunities at Arkansas State University.
  • You make a statement to the university and the Jonesboro community on your commitment to African- American students in higher education.
  • You become a part of a valuable network of graduates of Arkansas State University who are committed to African-American progress.

Walter B. Strong

Strong Photo

'59, MSE '71 

Frederick C. Turner

Turner Photo

'60, MSE '71