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Military Science

Upcoming Events at ASTATE ROTC

Summer Commissioning Ceremony: Takes place at the Convocation Center (lower Red entrance), Haymes Auditorium on Friday, August 7th at 1400 (2pm). This will be the introductory Ceremony for the new Professor of Military Science, LTC Michael Fellure, and a farewell to the outgoing PMS, LTC Lee Clark. Don't miss it!!

2015 ASTATE Howler (www.astate.edu/howler): The Howler is an annual obstacle run hosted by A-State ROTC program that contains 12+ obstacles benefiting the A-State Red Wolf Battalion. The 3rd annual race will be on September 26th at noon at the Military Science Building.

Obstacles highlights include:
  • Pond Trudge
  • Hay Bale Wall
  • Buddy Carry
  • Tire Flip
  • Arctic Dumpster Dive
  • Tire Field
  • Humvee Push
  • Log PT
  • TDC

Runners can register for the race as individuals or in groups of 5. Individual runners will be integrated into groups of 5 on race day.

ROTC on football field

ASTATE Red Wolf Battalion

The Arkansas State University ROTC Program is dedicated to developing quality leaders for America's Army. Since the Army holds education as such an important aspect of leadership, it has invested in developing leaders by funding the training needed to facilitate quality leaders. Scholarships and other Financial Aid are available to students seeking higher education.

ROTC Develops Leaders

ASTATE ROTC has a proud 78-year history of producing top quality leaders who have gone on to hold high paying jobs, public office, and high ranking military positions. Cadets find their full potential and become overall better citizens by commissioning into the Active Duty Army, Army National Guard, or Army Reserve.


ASU Military Science offers four clubs which enhance the ROTC experience: Pershing Rifles, Color Guard, Scabbard and Blade, and  Sisler's Raiders are all available to help develop skills and provide additional opportunities to get involved. 

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Hall of Heroes

Arkansas State pays tribute to ROTC Alumni who have distinguished themselves through heroic service, government service, and outstanding representation of the university by placing them in the Hall of Heroes.

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