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Research into Biodiesel System is Demonstrated at ASU Farm


Dr. Kevin Humphrey, assistant professor in the College of Agriculture, gives Congressman Rick Crawford (right) of Jonesboro a tour of the ASU Farm laboratory where he is involved in biodiesel research. Dr. Humphrey has been working on design, construction, equipping and implementation of a farm-scale integrated biodiesel system, which would have the capability of producing plant-based products, such as raw and refined vegetable oils, oil seed meal, ASTM-quality biodiesel, and cleaned glycerin, from oil seed crops produced on the ASU Farm and in the region.  A related area of research underway is introduction and establishment of a new oil seed crop, camelina, to Northeast Arkansas.  Rep. Crawford expressed enthusiasm about the work in sustainability underway at ASU, and plans to invite his Ag Council to visit the facilities.