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Get to Know the Faculty: Dennis King


As an Indian, Dennis King was a hard-working football player and champion. In his career, he’s seen almost every possible disaster. Returning home to his alma mater, King is ready to put together his passion for A-State with his experience in the field.

Dennis J. King

Dennis J. King

Place of birth:
Tuscaloosa Alabama
Why did you choose A-State?
I love Arkansas State and thought this particular job would be a good fit with me. I thought my combination love for Arkansas State, military and educational background would fit in well in this program.
What makes a good professor?
A combination of caring, compassion, empathy for each student regardless of their background, culture or status in society. Putting yourself on their road and trying your best to offer to them the gift you have received from other good professors.
Who was your favorite teacher (and why)?
Probably all my teachers and coaches but coach Bill Templeton sticks out because I stayed in touch with him on and off over the years.
What makes for a good student?
Hard work and persistence
Your philosophy on education in seven words:
Steer your mind towards you deepest interest!
If you could teach another field, which one and why?
Probably American History because of the great stories of our past as a nation (good and bad)
What is the one thing you wish you could teach everyone about your field?
Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Not to be paranoid about disasters but have a plan for any situation. I have worked many of the hurricanes and disasters in the southeastern United States as a soldier in the Alabama Guard. I have been deployed four out of the last 11 years. My unit happened to be going through the deployment process when the Ft. Hood shooter killed 13 people. As in we were actually at the location!!
My favorite trip was...
If I could travel anywhere it would be...
Norwich, England.
Beach or mountains?
Mountains, as long as it is not Afghanistan!
What are you working on right now?
Becoming familiar with my fellow faculty members and these wonderful students at A-State
In college, I was known for...
I was never a star in football. I made a living and lettered three years playing special teams and being a target for the awesome defense we had. I would like to think I was probably known for my FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athlete) affiliation. I was president two out of my four years here.
What music is playing in your car?
Patriot Politics
My favorite motion picture is...
Dream Team.
The television series I must TiVo...
The last book I read for fun was...
The Power of Habit.
The best advice I ever received was...
learn to enjoy the good things about your life.
What is the one thing I’ve learned I’d tell my college self...
Don’t sweat the small stuff.
My hobby is...
remodeling houses.
My pro sports team is...
the Atlanta Falcons.
A perfect day is...
teaching at A-State.
What I like about Jonesboro is...
I believe Jonesboro has the friendliest people in the U.S.
Cats or dogs?
E-book or hardback?
I wish I could...
play the piano better.
My favorite saying is...
Howl Yes!!!!