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ITTC Faculty Center

Maximizing the Learning Experience

In addition to traditional teaching, research, advising and other responsibilities, faculty now have to stay on the leading edge of technology as it is introduced in the classroom setting. From smart boards to online teaching technology and even software changes and updates, faculty must stay informed in order to maximize the learning experience. 

Our purpose is to provide faculty with the professional development, training, and resources they need to excel as educators, researchers and professionals.

Mission Statement

"Our mission is to provide instructional design tools, best practices in teaching and learning, and professional development by using researched pedagogical practices that empower faculty to foster academic excellence as educators, researchers, and professionals."

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to increase the teaching, research, and service of all ASU faculty through professional development opportunities. These opportunities include:

  • Providing opportunities for effective teaching
  • Emphasizing best practices in teaching and learning
  • Effective and appropriate integration of instructional technologies
  • Course design and professional development
  • Creating a dynamic resource center to satisfy multiple learning styles and needs

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Helpful Links
Beginning of semester helpful resources for faculty:

Want to merge a course or add an instructor?
Click on Blackboard Utility.

Want to import a course?
Look at Exporting a Course and Importing a Course under Quick Links.

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Phone: 870-972-2334

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 2128
State University, AR  72467

We are located at the Dean B. Ellis Library, Suite 301.