Welcome to Arkansas State University!

What is the A-State hybrid program?

The hybrid program provides a unique experience that gives students a flexible way to achieve a bachelor’s degree without leaving their homes. The hybrid program is for students who have graduated from an accredited Arkansas two-year or four-year college and have obtained their associate's degree. The program will be a mix of asynchronous and synchronous online classes.

Synchronous v. asynchronous classes

Synchronous online classes happen in real-time. Students will be required to meet virtually at a specific date and time for synchronous classes. Asynchronous classes are outlined and prerecorded. Students will be able to attend these classes on their schedule.

What about the cost?

$218 per credit hour + fees
Students can receive a transfer scholarship valued at $4,000 (a year).
Scholarship qualifications
-Must be a U.S. Citizen who is transferring from an Arkansas two year or four year accredited college.
- The scholarship is awarded for the duration of four consecutive semesters or through completion of the undergraduate degree, or until all courses for the degree are completed, whichever occurs first; provided the student maintains all scholarship requirements
-students must have received their associate's degree from an accredited Arkansas two year of a four-year college
-Students must be fully admitted by July 15th for Fall enrollment
-Students must be fully admitted by December 15th for Spring enrollment
-Cannot be combined with any other A-State institutional scholarship
-Students with only concurrent transfer work while in high school are ineligible
-Students that apply for fall or spring semester directly after high school are ineligible

What bachelor programs are offered

-Bachelor of General Studies
-B.A.S. Organizational Supervision (must have an Associate of Applied Science)
-B.S. Business Administration (must have A.S in Business)
-B.S. Strategic Communication
-B.A. Communication Studies
-B.A. Psychology