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Scholarships & Fellowships for International Students

In order to attract and retain the best, brightest, most gifted, and talented international students, Arkansas State University (A-State) offers an array of competitive scholarships to prospective international undergraduate students and fellowships for graduate students.


Available financial aid includes merit‐based academic scholarships/fellowships , reflecting previous academic accomplishment and the potential for continuing academic success at A-State. They also include performance scholarships for undergraduate students, which obligate the recipients to engage in some form of service to the University during the period for which the scholarships are awarded. Performance scholarships include athletic scholarships, band scholarships, vocal scholarships, and theatrical scholarships. All performance scholarships require applicants to participate in a “try‐out” and to submit other evidence demonstrating their abilities. Athletic scholarships are awarded in strict accordance with National Collegiate Academic Association (NCAA) Division I regulations.

In most instances, but not all, scholarships/fellowships are renewable based upon continuing full‐time student status at A-State, satisfactory academic performance (as defined by the University), service to the University, and other conditions as described in the scholarship award letter. International students do not qualify for performance scholarships until after they demonstrate English competency as determined by the University. Academic scholarships/fellowships for international students are in fixed amounts and are deducted from the tuition owed by students; whereas, performance scholarships may include tuition reimbursement as well as lodging, meals, and fees (as determined by the area of the University sponsoring the scholarship, the need for the services provided, the level of performance for which the student provides, and the availability of funding). In no instances may scholarship/fellowship support provided by the University exceed the cost of attendance at A-State by international students and scholarships/fellowships are not transferrable to any other outside entity including, but not limited to, institutions of higher education, proprietary schools, or other organizations. Students who are receiving tuition waivers from A-State are not eligible for international scholarships/fellowships.

In addition to traditional A-State sponsored scholarships/fellowships, there are a limited number of scholarships/fellowships awarded by the Arkansas State University Foundation for which international students may qualify; however, these scholarships/fellowships are not available to international students until after they have demonstrated English competency (as determined by the University). Upon arrival at Arkansas State University, international students will be provided with additional information about scholarship/fellowship opportunities offered by the Foundation and the University from the staff of the Office of International Programs (OIP) during the international student orientation and otherwise. As with American students, scholarship/fellowship opportunities for international students are highly competitive, but all international students have an equal opportunity to compete for scholarships/fellowships provided to international students at the time of application and thereafter. However, irrespective of the potential of scholarships/fellowships, international students must plan on and be successful in gathering the necessary financial resources to cover all of their expenses for attending the University.

Academic Scholarships/Fellowships

Academic merit‐based scholarships are available from Arkansas State University for international students entering undergraduate programs; similarly scholarships, which are referred to as fellowships are available for international students entering graduate students. All academic merit‐based scholarships/fellowships are awarded for one year in which 50% of the award is provided at the onset of each semester, with the second semester portion contingent upon satisfactory full‐time academic performance during the first semester with continuing renewal thereafter based upon satisfactory full‐time academic performance. For the purpose of this scholarship/fellowship performance, satisfactory full‐time academic performance at the undergraduate level is defined as maintaining a fulltime course load (a minimum of 12 semester credit hours) and obtaining a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.5 or better. Satisfactory full‐time academic performance at the graduate level is defined as maintaining a full‐time course load (a minimum of 9 semester credit hours) and obtaining a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.75 or better. Academic scholarships/fellowships are renewable based upon the above criteria and the availability of funds. A student who drops below the above standard in any semester forfeits the academic scholarship/fellowship and may not reapply. No scholarship/fellowship support is offered for international students by the University during the summer term.

Undergraduate Scholarships

Undergraduate scholarships are awarded based on a combination of previous academic accomplishment (defined as a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better in all high school work, as determined by A-State) and the potential for continuing academic success at A-State, as measured by performance on nationally normed standardized tests as per the following table:

ACT Score
SAT* Score
Scholarship Amount
36 1600 $4,000
35 1560 $3,500
34 1510 $3,000
33 1460 $2,500
32 1420 $2,000
31 1380 $2,000
30 1340 $1,500
29 1300 $1,500
28 1260 $1,000

*The SAT score is the sum of the SAT Critical Reading and Mathematics Scores.

Official test scores from the testing bodies must be sent directly to Arkansas State University (code 6011) for consideration of scholarship/fellowship and such scores must be current.

International students who receive scholarships/ fellowships are expected to participate actively in the International Student Association, activities sponsored by the Office of International Programs (OIP), to volunteer to help other international students to survive and thrive at A-State, to offer testimonials and other support for the international student recruiting effort, and otherwise to meet any other obligations as defined in the letter extending the scholarship/fellowship offer.

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