Welcome to Arkansas State University!

ELA is fun, effective, and designed for your individual pace. Course work and activities are designed to prepare you as quickly as possible for university and college work. Our classes focus on your needs through the guidance of expert instructors. You will quickly gain skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening, as well as increased confidence and knowledge about culture. Homework assignments, quizzes, exams, and class participation will help you learn and also prepare you as a future university student.


Our program consists of five levels plus two (2) Foundation levels for students with little or no English experience:

  • Foundations - Low Beginner
  • Level 1 - High Beginner
  • Level 2 - Low Intermediate
  • Level 3 - Intermediate
  • Level 4 - High Intermediate
  • Level 5 - Advanced

Each level focuses on the four skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening, as well as pronunciation, and grammar. Each course in these levels integrates two or more of these skills.  More information about the skill set acquired in each level and the course work taken can be found in the Curriculum Guide.


The English Learning Academy uses the computer-based ACCUPLACER LOEP (Levels of English Proficiency) test for placement into a level in the program.  Students can read more about the test and find sample questions here.

The placement test includes the following sections:

  • Listening
  • Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Written Essay

Students will be placed in the appropriate level in the ELA program based on their performance on this test.

Curriculum Guide

Details for every course offered in the English Learning Academy can be viewed in the Curriculum Guide.  This guide includes the course objectives and level objectives for all classes and levels offered.

After you've completed the ESL / ELA Program

Upon completion of the program, international students are eligible to apply for entrance into undergraduate and graduate programs at Arkansas State University with no further English proficiency examination, e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, etc. provided they meet the following:

  • Completion of the final level of the program with 80% or higher proficiency for undergraduate admission.
  • Completion of the final level of the program with 90% or higher proficiency for graduate admission.

Students must also meet any additional admissions requirements required by the program of study in which they desire to enroll.