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Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE)
Offered By: College of Science and Mathematics


The focus of the B.S.E. Mathematics degree program at Arkansas State University is to provide students with the opportunity and the direction to pursue the intellectual challenges of mathematics; and to provide the mathematical and pedagogical knowledge necessary for teaching mathematics in grades 7-12.   Students graduating with the B.S.E. Mathematics degree will have a strong foundation in the fundamental notions of mathematics, including rigorous proof, and will possess valuable skills in problem solving, critical thinking, and the effective communication of mathematical concepts and models.  Coursework includes a methodology course, which focuses on multiple approaches to instruction including educational technology and computer software specific to mathematics instruction, and a semester-long teaching internship.  B.S.E. Mathematics students are also prepared for pursuing other careers that have math as an essential job skill, including graduate study in mathematics, statistics, and education.