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Community College Education

Specialist in Community College Education (S.C.C.E)

College: College of Education & Behavioral Science | Graduate School | School of Teacher Education and Leadership

Department: Educational Leadership, Curriculum and Special Education


The Specialist in Community College Education Program provides a sixth-year intermediate degree to prepare teachers and administrators for the Community College. Because the enrollee in a community college tends to be somewhat different from typical college, university, or trade school students, specialized personnel are needed to ensure that the investments made by students and institutions are maximally and mutually beneficial.

The teaching emphasis program of study will focus mainly upon the major field of specialization with adequate opportunities for breadth of preparation in the specialty area and cognate areas, and a background in research methods. Major fields of specialization are presented under degrees offered in the General Information section of the Bulletin. The administration-emphasis program of study will focus on a combination of generic higher education administration courses and specialized community college courses.

  • Admission Process

    Admission requirements for the Specialist in Community College Education are those required by the Graduate School.  (See Graduate Bulletin)

    In addition, admission to the Specialist level will require an online application to the Graduate School, a master’s degree from an accredited institution, and a satisfactory score on the GRE or MAT.

  • Why Should You Apply?

    Community colleges are where the action is at the moment in higher education.

    • The specialist degree in community college education offers both faculty and administrators an emphasis on learner-centered education and developmental education – two hallmarks of today’s community colleges.
    • The program provides a thorough understanding of the roots of the community college movement and its core values of access, opportunity, learning, and service.
    • The program contributes to the joy and pride of working in a special environment that is both student-centered and learning-centered.
    • The program is unique because of its special attention on encouraging and supporting first generation (i.e., at-risk) students.