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Program Overview

Supplemental Instruction (SI) provides regularly scheduled, out-of-class, peer-facilitated study sessions to support historically difficult academic courses that tend to have a high rate of D or F grades and withdrawals. Session times are scheduled based on a survey conducted during the first week of the course lecture and are open to all students in the course section. Students attend SI on a voluntary basis and sessions are completely free of charge to the student. Watch this SI promotional video for more information and student testimonies:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who leads Supplemental Instruction sessions?

SI peer leaders are students who have already been successful in the course and can offer study tips based on past experience. Leaders attend all lectures in the course, take notes, read assigned material, and conduct two or more 60-minute SI sessions each week.

What happens during an SI session?

SI sessions focus not only on what to learn, but also how to learn. Each session integrates subject-specific study skills with course content in order to increase memory retention and student success in the course. Sample activities might include lecture review, group collaboration, test preparation, practice tests, homework questions, or learning games. A participation sign-in sheet will also be a part of each session in order to document the impacts of SI on students within the course.

How can SI benefit me as a student?

Students who participate regularly in SI sessions tend to earn better grades, develop a deeper understanding of course content, and learn study skills that can help in other classes as well. Some instructors also offer incentives for participation in SI sessions such as homework problems that will be solved during SI, extra credit, or practice tests similar to tests given in the course. One of the best benefits of attending SI sessions is building learning relationships with fellow classmates and gaining valuable insights from collective discussions and problem-solving.

What courses are supported by SI and when can I attend?

On the first day of class SI leaders will hand out a survey to find out when the majority of the class is available for SI sessions. Once weekly session times are chosen then the SI leader will announce these times in the course lecture. To find out which courses are supported by Supplemental Instruction this semester please click on the following link: