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Interdisciplinary Studies

Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary (BSIS)
Offered By: University College


Arkansas State University offers the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree program through University College. The program is designed to permit that segment of the student population for which the traditional degree tracks in higher education hold little or no attraction to utilize existing resources of the university in developing a personalized program of study. Through curriculum flexibility, the program attempts to provide the most challenging education possible, both to the academically gifted and to the creative student.

The Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies (BSIS) program is an acknowledgment that other existing degree programs, as varied as they are  at Arkansas State University, cannot satisfy the  educational needs of all students. The Interdisciplinary Studies program provides opportunity through which students may, with the aid of the academic advisor, determine the composition of their own degree programs. The program provides curricular opportunities, which cut across traditional subject matter (department and/or college) areas to meet the particular needs of more mature students desiring formal programs of study for professional  development of a nontraditional nature. The program does not duplicate the offerings of the other colleges of the university, but may include curriculum offerings of any college. In consultation with the academic advisor, students select a minimum of 18 hours of course work in three areas of emphasis. These can be any areas in which ASU offers a Major or a Minor.

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  • Admission Process

    Admission standards for students seeking to enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies are similar to those required of applicants who seek to enroll in other four-year programs of this university.

    Students pursuing this degree are responsible for having on record a complete, planned program approved by the Academic Advisor. Students are also responsible for complying with the general academic regulations of the university as well as all other university policies and requirements. BSIS majors must complete ENG 1003 with a grade of ""C"" or better before enrolling in ENG 1013 and  complete ENG 1013 with a grade of ""C"" or better. A 2.0 cumulative grade point average will be required on all junior-senior level courses and a 2.20 average on all course work for graduation. The number of semester credit hours earned in certain types of courses, i.e., physical education activity, music ensembles, etc., will be limited to the number of credits that the area offering the course will accept toward a bachelor's degree. The number of semester hours earned in the College of Business is limited to thirty (30) or fewer. At least twenty-four (24) semester hours of credit must be earned after a student has enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies program in order for the student to be qualified and eligible to receive the degree.

  • Checksheets & Degree Plans


    Checksheets list all of the requirements and university obligations for degree completion.

    Degree Plans

    Degree plans suggest a schedule of courses for students to follow as they pursue their degree.