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General Education Form

The General Education Program develops a foundation and motivation for the lifelong pursuit of learning in undergraduate students at Arkansas State University by introducing them to a broad range of essential areas of knowledge that will enable them to think critically and participate ethically in a democratic nation and a global society. The General Education Program is designed to be completed in the first and second years.

University Withdrawal Information Form

Prior to the start of a semester, students wishing to discontinue enrollment at A-State may drop all classes through their Self-Service account. However, once the semester begins, tuition and certain fees or penalties may be assessed. Students will no longer have the ability to drop all classes (withdraw) through Self-Service. To drop all courses for a semester (withdraw), please contact the Wilson Advising Center at 870-972-3001 for instruction. For information about the refund policy, please contact Student Accounts at 870-972-2285.

Restart Application

The Restart@state Program is a mandatory intervention program for students placed on a first academic suspension and transfer students admitted to the university by appeal.

Eligible students who take advantage of this opportunity are enrolled in the Restart Program. The main program requirement is enrollment in a one-credit, graded course.

The Restart Seminar is designed to aid students back to solid academic performance with emphasis placed on self-responsibility, proper decision-making and study skills strategies. Students must submit a completed application before consideration for acceptance into the program.

Undergraduate Academic Suspension:

First Suspension

Students who are suspended from the university for the first time must complete the Restart Application to enroll in the Restart@state program. (See procedures for enrollment under the Restart@state Program.) All students considering taking coursework at another institution while on the first suspension from A-State are strongly advised to meet with their A-State academic advisors for guidance on appropriate coursework selection. (See section on Transferring Work from Other Institutions while on First Suspension.)

Second and Third Suspension

Students who earn a second and third suspension from the university are not permitted to enroll at A-State for one calendar year. The suspended period is intentional to provide time for students to gain an appreciation for the opportunity to attend college. After serving the suspen­sion period, the student must visit the Wilson Advising Center to complete the Academic Standing Clearance Form prior to registration.

Subsequent Suspension

Students who earn a fourth or subsequent suspension from the university are dismissed from the university. Permission to return must be granted by appeal to the University Graduation and Academic Credit Appeals Committee.

When to complete the Restart Application

  • Students placed on a first suspension who wish to continue enrollment at A-State without separation.

When to complete the Suspension Clearance form

  • Students on a first suspension who opt to sit out for two calendar years but now wish to return to A-State.
  • Students on second or third suspension who wish to return to A-State after serving one calendar year of mandatory suspension.

When to complete the Undergraduate Graduation and Academic Appeal process

  • Students placed on a fourth suspension.