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General Education:

The General Education Program develops a foundation and motivation for the lifelong pursuit of learning in undergraduate students at Arkansas State University by introducing them to a broad range of essential areas of knowledge that will enable them to think critically and participate ethically in a democratic nation and a global society. The General Education Program is designed to be completed in the first and second years.

2018-2019 University and General Education Requirements

University Withdrawal Information:

To drop all courses for a semester, or to drop down to zero hours, you must officially withdraw at the Wilson Advising Center. Deadlines for dropping individual courses, important dates and additional information regarding dropping/withdrawing can be found on the Registrar’s Web Page. If you have any questions please contact the Wilson Advising Center at 870-972-3001. For information about the refund policy, please contact Student Accounts at 870-972-2285.

You can download the Withdrawal Form here.

Undergraduate Academic Suspension:

First Suspension:

Restart is available for those on their first academic suspension and for transfer students admitted to the university by appeal. Students must complete the application and attend the orientation workshop. Deadlines apply.

Restart Application

Students who opt to sit out two years following First Suspension must complete the First Suspension Clearance form.

First Suspension Clearance Form

Transfer Coursework Review:

Arkansas State University will review transfer work completed while on the first suspension only after the student returns and successfully completes 12 hours with a 2.00 GPA, as well as the Restart@state program (if required). 

Transfer Coursework Review form

Second and Subsequent Suspension:

After the Second Suspension, you will not be permitted to enroll for One Calendar year and fill out the Undergraduate Graduation and Academic Credit Appeals petition.

Undergraduate Graduation and Academic Credit Appeals Petition

For a Third and Subsequent Suspension, you are not permitted to enroll at ASTATE for Two Calendar years. You will need to fill out the Undergraduate Graduation and Academic Credit Appeals petition.

Undergraduate Graduation and Academic Credit Appeals Petition